Liedeke Plate - First things first: Ensuring a safe and inclusive environment as a foundation for an international curriculum

Project member(s)
Prof. Plate, L. (Liedeke)
Project type

Prof. dr. Liedeke Plate received a comenius scholarship for the project 'First things first'. It redeveloped Radboud University’s Arts and Culture Studies (ACS) mentoring programme to include international and intercultural competences. It prioritizes the creation of a safe and inclusive environment as the very first step to internationalization and the international classroom.

Reason for the project

Currently, students do not profit fully from the benefits of an international classroom. Domestic and international students do not easily mix and consequently, do not acquire the international competences necessary to be successful in their 21st-century personal and professional lives. To solve this problem, the formal curriculum was adjusted. 

Approach within the project

The mentoring programme was redeveloped to include international and intercultural competences such as culture shock, adaptation, intercultural awareness, intercultural communication, and working in intercultural groups. This programme was then comprehensively integrated in the formal curriculum as an intervention to instill international competences and create the safe and inclusive learning environment requisite for students to fully benefit from the international classroom. Because the role of the mentors, teaching staff, and student advisors is central to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment, staff training was integral to the project. To ensure that the project’s benefits extend to all international programmes at Radboud University, a sounding board was established, to collaborate with teaching staff and student advisors from different programmes and faculties from the start. In addition, prof. Plate made an experience book in collaboration with dr. Sandy Barasa and their student-assistant Daniela Piangiolino. In this book they describe the steps they took, reflect on some obstacles they encountered (Spoiler alert: Covid!) and provide tips and suggestions

Download het boek First things first

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