Studenten buiten, te voet en met de fiets
Studenten buiten, te voet en met de fiets

SIG Academic citizenship

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V.L. van Berlo (Vera)
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This Special Interest Group aims to bring together the academic community thinking about academic citizenship. “Academic citizenship” is a highly variable concept, but basically encompasses an idea of academic freedom, open discussion, free exchange of ideas and awareness of privileges and possibilities.

But these subjects also raised new questions, because what does this mean for the role of a teacher? What kind of responsibility does the university have in this? How do you bring civil society and the learning environment together and how do you deal with conflicting interests between them? What kind of ethics are important here? How do you combine the values of science with those of citizenship? And also: What is already happing here at the university?


  • Exchanging ideas about enabling education that brings together students from different disciplines.
  • Reflecting on the ways in which students can be motivated to reflect on their own norms and values, the role they envision in society, the relationship between science and practice, collaboration and ethical dilemmas.
  • Find possible situations in which students can develop skills and themselves in a safe, motivating setting while also dealing with a social issue.

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