People who are drawing and writing on a white paper.
People who are drawing and writing on a white paper.

SIG Educational vision of students

2023 until 2024
Project member(s)
Riel, B.C.M. van (Barbara) Bulten, N.W. (Niek) Prof. Bransen, J.A.M. (Jan) Denessen, E. (Erik) , Liam Teeseling , Dennis van de Laar , Isa Witteveen
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At the Radboud University we would like students to have their say. This is based on the belief that in education people too often speak about students and not enough with students. Radboud University's new educational vision expects a lot from students, including that they take more and more control over their own development process. Based on that vision, this SIG connects students and lecturers to contribute to developments in education and educational innovation, in which the student actively takes charge of this process. How can you achieve this as a lecturer and how can you take on an active role as a student. The group meets once every six to eight weeks. 


  • Creating a free space for students to think about the goals of their education. 
  • Developing and sharing knowledge and skills to make sure that students are in control. 
  • Setting up and implementing concrete educational development projects, such as workshops, games, symposia.
  • Connecting students and teachers from different faculties who are interested in educational development.

What is a Special Interest Group?

A Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of people who are united through their interest in an education-related topic. The Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre facilitates the SIG so they can research and delve deeper into the subject together.

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