Foto van drie studenten in een klaslokaal met twee laptops voor zich.
Foto van drie studenten in een klaslokaal met twee laptops voor zich.

SIG Effective studying

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Dr B.P.J. Stienen (Bob)
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One of the most transferable skills that we can teach to students is how to study. Weirdly enough, as an academic community, we pay little attention to that. We assume that student + book = meaningful learning, resulting in each student having to reinvent the wheel (most probably with mixed results). Is there no other way to do that?

In this Special Interest Group, we look at precisely that question, because from an educational science perspective, there are definitely answers to be found. What (positive) experiences do we have within Radboud University when it comes to study skills in education, and what materials have already been developed? What can we as lecturers take away from this, but more importantly, what can students learn from it?


  • Share our knowledge of and experiences with study skills in education so that we can learn from each other.
  • Spread our knowledge of study skills in education among students and lecturers at Radboud University. To this end, we are, for example, exploring the possibility of creating a guidebook with concrete knowledge and tips for these target groups.
  • Make the importance of study skills in education known to lecturers and study programmes at Radboud University.

What is a Special Interest Group?

A Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of people who are united through their interest in an education-related topic. The Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre facilitates the SIG so they can research and delve deeper into the subject together.

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