Een ingezoomde foto van een hand die een rode pen vasthoudt en op een kladblok schrijft.
Een ingezoomde foto van een hand die een rode pen vasthoudt en op een kladblok schrijft.

SIG Personal and professional development

Project member(s)
F.T.T. Krebbers (Floortje) C.E.M. Claas-Hofman (Cristel) C.S. Panapala Kankanamalage (Chamin)
Project type

This Special Interest Group was founded in response to the Student Guidance 2023 Programme. Within this SIG, lecturers, educational support staff and students come together to exchange knowledge on which skills can be addressed in which way and with which guidance in a personal and professional development learning line.

One of the goals of Student Guidance is 2023, is that all study programmes offer a personal and professional development (PPD) course for all students in all academic years. Besides their development as an academic, students are busy discovering who they are as a human, as well as becoming an adult and a professional. A distinctive feature of a PPD course is that it helps the student in their search and conceptualisation of their own insights and development into the roles the student wants to take on in their future career. The students controls this process themselves. A crucial part of this is learning to reflect, in which the coach plays an important role.


  • Inspiring programmes in their development of PPD courses.
  • Learning from and with each other, and exchanging examples of PPD education.
  • Assessing development, interpretation of the coaching aspects, reflection, and getting and keeping our own organisation enthusiastic.


Every three months, the SIG meets up and will invite all stakeholders (including project group members) working on PPD courses within their programmes.

What is a Special Interest Group?

A Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of people who are united through their interest in an education-related topic. The Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre facilitates the SIG so they can research and delve deeper into the subject together.

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