Programme for Radboud Intro for international exchange and (pre-)Master's students

An orientation week especially for new international exchange and (Pre) Master's students is organised each August and January. This orientation week includes fun and informative activities such as a campus and city tour, sports events and parties. By participating in this programme you will not only quickly get to know both Nijmegen and Radboud University, but also make friends from all around the world.

Below you find the programme for Radboud Intro for international exchange and (pre-)Master's students in August.

Sunday 20 August

11.00  - 17.00

Pick-up Day and Registration 

The Radboud Intro will start off in the sports hall of the Radboud Sports Centre. At the designated time, you can collect your participant's wristband and the Radboud hoodie. 

Arrival on Sunday 20 August

Please note this information is subject to change.

On 20 August you will be able to register at Radboud University between 10.00 – 17.00 at the Radboud Sports Center at the Radboud University Campus, Heyendaalseweg 141.

The three main estate agents will be present, where you can pick up your keys.


10.00 - 17.00

Guesthouse Nijmegen

13.00 - 16.00

Dornick Estate Agent

10.00 - 16.00


As registration may take a while, we strongly advise you to be in Nijmegen before 14.00 hours. After registration, you can go to the desk of the real estate company.

After you have fulfilled the registration arrangements, there will be buses available at the Sports Center to bring you to your room.

Schiphol Welcome Service (9.00-15.00)

On Sunday 20 August students wearing Red Radboud Hoodies will be at Schiphol Airport meeting point to give you directions to the right train.

More information

No direct train from Utrecht to Nijmegen

Free shuttle busses at Nijmegen central train station (10.00-16.00)

On Sunday 20 August RIS mentors, wearing a red mentor shirts will be at Nijmegen central train station, just behind the gates at the piano, to guide you to free shuttle buses that will bring you to the Sports Centre. If you have arranged your room via Radboud University these buses will also bring you from the Sports Centre to your student housing or back to the city centre.

Arrival after Sunday 20 August

Please first visit the Central Student Desk at Houtlaan 4 (Radboud University Campus). From 21 August until 8 September Student Admissions will welcome first-time international students from 10.00-16.00. After 8 September again by appointment only.

Please visit the student desk before 14.30, otherwise, you might not have sufficient time to go to the office of the SSH& or estate agent. We will then provide you with directions, so you can collect your keys.

Arrival outside office hours

It is not possible to register and get your key outside of office hours or at the weekend. We, therefore, advise you to book a hotel/B&B for the night and register and get your key during regular office hours. Please have a look at the list below for suggestions.


Monday 21 August

10.00 - 16.00

Meet your Mentor group

Pick up bikes & biking lessons


Campus walk

From 18.00 Dinner with mentor


Meet your mentor group

After registering officially for the introduction week it is now time to get to know your fellow students and mentors. Whether you are a bit nervous or just simply excited, your mentors will be your guides during the orientation and will help you with all your questions. You will also play some fun games and ice-breakers to get to know each other

Your mentors will let you know the time and location to meet.

Picking up your rental Bikes from student mobility

You will also have the opportunity to pick up your rental bike on campus.

If you have not reserved it yet, we strongly recommend getting a bike today, since biking is the easiest way to get around town. Together with your mentor group, you will stick to a schedule. If you want to buy a bike there are several bike shops in town we recommend, but stock is limited.

Biking lessons: The basics of biking

For students who feel like they would like to learn more about the basics of biking in the Netherlands, there are introductory bike lessons. Mentors will guide you to the place you need to go. If you are unsure whether you want to ride a bike and just want to try one before you decide, some RU bikes will be provided.

Intro market

During the Intro market, you get to meet all the different associations Radboud University has to offer.

You can check out more than 170 associations, such as music groups and sports teams, and study associations present themselves. Joining an association can be a great way to get in touch with Dutch students.

Also, don’t forget to go to the booths of ‘Knaek’, ISIC and ESN Nijmegen. There you can get cards that give lots of student discounts at e.g. shops and restaurants, for travelling etc.

Campus walk

Where do you need to go? Today, your mentors will show you around campus and you will discover all the places you need to know and also some of their own favourite spots.

Mentor dinner

Today, the mentors will invite you to their place and will prepare a meal for the mentor group. The costs of the mentor dinners are not included in the price of the Orientation Week and it is customary to share the costs among everyone who participates.

Tuesday 22 August


Lecture Studying @ Radboud University


Introduction to Social Dutch and more

17.00 - 20.00

BBQ on campus (in shifts)

21.00 - 23.00

Evening activity

Lecture studying @ Radboud University

During this lecture you will get an introduction to what you can expect when studying in an international classroom and get acquainted with studying in the Netherlands and at Radboud University. Important general information will also be discussed: about VISA, the municipality and more.

Introduction to Social Dutch and more

In the afternoon student associations will present themselves (e.g. ESN Nijmegen and NSSR) and you will get your first introduction to the Dutch language!

BBQ on campus

On the Erasmusplein, at the Refter, a barbecue will be organised with meat, vegetarian options, salads, bread and various sauces. Drinks are not included, so you will have to pay for your own drinks. After dinner: Group picture time!

bbq campus radboud intro

Wednesday 23 August

13.00 - till 23.00

City Game


Dinner at de Waagh (in shifts)

City Game

Today you get the opportunity to explore the city together with your mentor group. By playing fun games and completing challenges you can win points for your group while getting to know your new home town. You also get to visit the WOII information centre. The mentor group that completes the most activities and challenges will be the winner of the City Game and win a great prize!

Dinner at de Waagh

To close off the city day, we will have a delicious buffet dinner at the Waagh, one of the oldest buildings of Nijmegen located in the middle of the city centre. Here, you have time to catch up on everything that you discovered about your new home town in the city today! We will also announce the winners of the City Game, so do not miss out on this activity!

Thursday 24 August

11.00 - 17.00

Still to be determined

In the evening


BEESTFEEST (party at Doornroosje)

You need to buy a separate ticket for this party, as well as have a ticket for the Orientation


Once every two months, the bèta umbrella association Olympus organises a fantastic party, the BeestFeest! The first one of the year is organised during the Orientation. The party with 1500 fellow students is held in the beautiful Doornroosje.

Tickets will be sold during the Orientation week. But you have to be on time, because full = full. More information will follow!

Friday 25 August

10.30 - 17.00


19.00 - 23.00

Disco Bowling (in shifts)

22.30 - late

To be confirmed: Party organised by ESN Nijmegen

In the evening

Optional: Psyched - Party at Doornroosje

You need to buy a separate ticket for this party and have a ticket for the Orientation

Sports Day

During the Sports Day, you'll get the chance to explore the different sports the Radboud Sports Centre has to offer!

Disco Bowling

After an intense day of sports, we are going Disco Bowling! During this fantastic event, you have the chance to show off your bowling skills while dancing to your favourite hits. Never been bowling before? It is really easy to learn! Will you be our new bowling champion?!

Party organised by ESN Nijmegen

What’s the best way to spend Friday during Orientation Week? To rock at the ESN Party, of course!  ESN arranges a lot of various events but parties have a special place in their hearts and they want you to experience this atmosphere and get to know ESN better.

ESN parties are perfect for everyone who loves something other than Dutch music to dance to and for every international looking for a good night out!


At Doornroosje the student association of the Department of Psychology will organise another fun party. Tickets will be sold during the Orientation week. But you have to be on time, because full = full. More information will follow!

festival intro

Saturday 26 August

14.00 - 00.00


The Introfestival is the last activity of the Orientation, where you can listen to music, play fun games and enjoy drinks. You don't want to miss this amazing festival!

Sunday 27 August

In the morning

Closing celebration by CSN

We will end the Intro in the student Church on the Radboud campus for a Christian celebration.

Other introductory events

Please note that, except for the library tour, the following programme items are organised by the Faculties themselves, and may differ per faculty.

Tuesday 29 August

10.00 - 10.30

13.20 - 16.30

20-minute library tour for all participants

We will publish a schedule later to find your timeslot


Instruction meeting for exchange students

RIS coordinators will show you around the largest library on campus. They will show you how to get out and hand in books, where to find the best study areas and how to use the lockers.

Wednesday 30 August


Online Visa question hour

Join us for the online visa question hour. One of our colleagues from the visa team will be present to answer all your questions about visa.

Click for the Zoom link

Thursday 31 August

Programme start differs per faculty

Faculty Days for (Pre) Master's students

More information 

For an impression of the Orientation Week please have a look at the pictures and movies on our Instagram @Radboudinternationalstudents.

Tickets and price

The price is still to be determined. To give you an indication: last year’s Orientation week was 100 Euro.

Included in the participation fee are most of the activities and parties of the Orientation Week and access to the Introfestival.  Food is sometimes included. Drinks are at all times at your own expense.

We only have a limited number of places available for the Orientation Week, participation will be dealt with on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Invitations will be sent out in July. Not received an invitation? Contact the RIS team via ris [at] ()Please note: Tickets are non-refundable.

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