About Radboud Academy

Radboud Academy is the umbrella organisation for lifelong learning at Radboud University. Offering 750 programmes for some 30,000 participants, the university is a major player in this field. As a centre of expertise, Radboud Academy has been tasked with increasing the quality and visibility of lifelong learning within Radboud University since 2020. In addition, Radboud Academy also develops innovative further training.

Lifelong learning is more urgent today than ever before. The labour market is facing growing shortages, jobs are changing or disappearing and the major transitions that we face as a society will only be feasible thanks to new knowledge and skills.


In today's world, it is necessary for us to continue to learn and develop ourselves. To contribute towards solutions for societal issues, to keep up with our dynamic labour market, to make sense of developments in society and to seize our opportunities and stay inspired. To this end, universities are working together with government departments, educational institutions (at the secondary vocational and university of applied sciences levels) and industry to create an ecosystem for meaningful learning and development. This new learning environment calls for innovative training rooted in academic knowledge. For curious and ambitious learners and for everyone who wants to take the next step. A learning climate in which there is room for critical reflection and an interdisciplinary, question-driven approach.


Radboud Academy aims to inspire and encourage an ever-growing group of people to continue learning and developing themselves. Through academic training, these participants will have a positive impact on their own careers and enrich their lives and the world around them. By offering academic-based training for highly educated professionals, Radboud Academy will therefore make a meaningful contribution to society. To this end, Radboud Academy aims to draw on the strength of interdisciplinarity and collaboration.


Radboud Academy is the university’s regional training partner, specialising in science-based and value-added post-academic education. Our programmes meet the learning, knowledge and development needs of individuals, professionals, companies and government departments. In doing so, we connect the challenges of societal partners with current insights from education and research at Radboud University. Our board, whose members include representatives from all seven faculties, is entrusted with safeguarding the academic integrity of our training programmes so that we can remain a high-quality provider in the field of lifelong learning and development.


With an innovative approach based on the pillars of science, skills and society, we aim to weave the latest academic insights, practical skills and societal engagement into our training programmes. In doing so, not only do we expand the knowledge of our professionals, but we also strengthen their resilience, flexibility, learning capacity and critical thinking. This enables them to respond quickly and effectively to new technological and societal developments. It also allows them to actively contribute towards solving complex issues and to significantly impact society, while remaining relevant in an ever-changing and demanding labour market.

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Radboud University has been home to a wealth of scientific knowledge for 100 years. It is among the best broad-based universities in the Netherlands and is globally renowned for its pioneering research.

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