Professionals in overleg tijdens cursus AI in Perspectief
Professionals in overleg tijdens cursus AI in Perspectief

Training for the general public

Are you curious about what certain societal issues may mean for you personally? In our “For the Curious” courses, experts from Radboud University provide scientific depth on current topics to anyone who is curious about this. Each lecture highlights a topic from a different angle. Young or old, with a university background or not; we try to convey the knowledge in such a way that it is accessible to the general public.

Training that you can sign up for soon

Picture of fruit

Course: Lifestyle & Health

In this course you will learn more about some important aspects that contribute to a healthy life: exercise, nutrition, sleep and a good balance between body and mind.

Training that you can't sign up for

Brein met woorden

Course: Our Precious Brain

This course will introduce you to how the brain works, how scientists try to unravel how brain activity contributes to human behaviour and what methods they use to do this.

Twee mensen die afval opruimen

Course: The Complexity of Major Societal Problems

In five sessions, we will help you to recognise and comprehend the common and specific features of global warming, migration, threats to democracy, a decline in biodiversity and unsustainable growth in healthcare due to an ageing population.


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