Woman presents in front of screen
Woman presents in front of screen

Lifelong Learning Catalyst: building professional resilience together

1 October 2023 until 31 December 2026
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Radboud Academy

At a time of growing labour market shortages, changing jobs and large-scale societal transitions in factors such as sustainability and energy, the need for continuous knowledge and skills development is more urgent than ever. Radboud University is demonstrating its commitment to this goal through the Lifelong Learning Catalyst, an initiative aimed at promoting lifelong learning.

The Lifelong Learning Catalyst is a multi-year programme set up by the government through knowledge institutions to ensure professionals and organisations are in touch with our rapidly changing society and labour market. Because continuing to develop your knowledge and skills is important in order to keep up with progress. As the main applicant for the grant, Radboud University aims to optimally facilitate lifelong learning. Together with other leading knowledge institutions, such as HAN University of Applied Sciences, we aim to develop education for professionals that focuses specifically on current themes, such as the energy and resource transition. Collaboration with societal institutions, government departments and businesses is essential in our efforts to provide education that is relevant and applicable in practice. Co-creation is the key to this. Thanks to our partners, who possess complementary knowledge, we can provide professionals with the right tools to respond effectively to new technological developments and societal changes.

Tailor-made options

Are you involved in an organisation and interested in opportunities to help your team move forward in the energy and resource transition? Then please get in contact. We will be happy to discuss how we can actively contribute to your issues as partners.