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informal group talk

Societal transitions: education for professionals with vision

1 October 2023 until 31 December 2026
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Radboud Academy

In a world in constant flux, we are facing significant societal transitions. Complex changes are impacting the labour market and the education sector. Jobs are transforming, organisations are adapting and insights are shifting. All this calls for professionals who are able to move with these changes and actively contribute to a sustainable future.

At Radboud University, we feel the urgency to respond to societal transitions. Through Lifelong Learning, we position ourselves at the heart of this transformation by providing future-proof knowledge and skills, supporting professionals, companies and organisations. This allows them not only to adapt and stand their ground in a rapidly changing world, but also to take the lead and actively respond to complex societal challenges, both within their field and more broadly in society.

Our focus here lies on the following transitions:


1.            The digital transition: 

The integration of new digital tools offers opportunities. We can help you to respond to this trend responsibly and make your business more innovative. Bridge the gap between the IT world and the energy sector and learn how to really get started with AI, among other things. 

2.            The sustainability transition: 

 Our focus is on creating a sustainable future by reviewing energy, environment, resources and social responsibility. We emphasise sustainability in business strategies, personal leadership, critical reflection and lasting behavioural change.

3.            The health transition:

We provide tools for personalised care, cost savings and resilience for healthcare professionals. We can teach you how to contribute to affordable and accessible healthcare, and empower healthcare professionals to do their jobs, without overstepping their own boundaries.

4.            The socio-cultural transition: 

We promote an inclusive and equitable society through dialogue and communication training, citizen participation strategies and perspectives for better decision-making. We also provide the skills to promote a resilient democracy.

Our courses are designed to provide practical skills in your own work practices for immediate impact. Now and in the future. Would you like to work with us to build a future in which professionals are optimally prepared? Then please get in contact with us and discover how you can contribute.

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