Maria Montessori building
Maria Montessori building

About RadboudCSW

The world is constantly changing and this directly affects the way we work and collaborate in organisations, in the consulting room or in the classroom. That is why it is important for every professional to keep developing. A lifetime of growth. RadboudCSW creates a powerful and inspiring learning environment by combining knowledge from the social sciences and practical experience.

Radboud University wants to educate with impact nd thus contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. This happens not only in undergraduate and graduate education, but also in education for professionals. RadboudCSW is the institute for post-initial education of Radboud University's Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW) and the Stichting Psychologische vervolgopleidingen Nijmegen (SPON), a joint venture between Radboud University and mental health practice institutes, on behalf of which we run three BIG courses (Healthcare Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist). 

Our mission and vision

RadboudCSW's mission is to contribute to the development of professionals at different stages of their working life: as a starting, young professional, as an experienced employee and as a seasoned expert. We do this by connecting practice and science. In doing so, we are guided by scientific questions and societal challenges. In short: we develop learning programmes rooted in scientific knowledge, together with practice and aimed at societal challenges and the development needs of professionals. The direct application of knowledge in and feedback from practice provides input for academic reflection.  

Sustainable Development Goals 

With a healthy organisation, RadboudCSW wants to provide quality education for professionals who have the ambition to continue contributing to better care, better education and a better world during their careers. In doing so, we subscribe to the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which address global problems such as poverty, inequality and the climate crisis in a coherent way. With our programmes, we want to make a difference and work towards a fair, sustainable and inclusive society. A society in which we do not exclude anyone and in which we do not accept a division between those who succeed and those who have to drop out, between the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. 

International and connected to the region 

Our programmes are shaped in close cooperation with the field. Positioned in and connected to the region, we operate nationally and internationally. Postgraduate education in the RadboudCSW vision is intensive, interactive and small-scale. We pay close attention to the student's personal training path and use individual training plans that are carefully monitored. We offer an open and stimulating learning and working climate, where there is room for one's own learning process and where people are allowed to make mistakes. Much attention is paid to learning in the practical context of healthcare and education, but also other sectors and society at large. We value autonomy and personal responsibility, both of our students and of our staff.

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