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Portret AMID covermodel

Advanced master: AMID Young Professional

This unique master's programme pairs young professionals with organisations with sustainability ambitions. As a starting, ambitious professional, you will thus acquire the latest knowledge and skills you need to realize the Sustainable Development Goals within organisations. 


    What is AMID Young Professional?

    The AMID Young Professional training programme is an advanced master's programme in which selected candidates work in a junior position with an organization for four days a week for one year. You attend an average of one day per week of training at Radboud University. The content of your education is closely linked to current challenges in international development. The programme starts annually. The selection of ambitious starting professionals and linking them to organisations with sustainability ambitions is part of the programme.

    AMID Young Professional is part of AMID, Radboud University's training institute that focuses on international cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Upon completion of this traineeship:

    • Have gained access to fresh thinking, best practices and state-of-the-art knowledge about international cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals;
    • Have accessed a broad, multidisciplinary and international network of government agencies, companies, NGOs and knowledge institutions with sustainability ambitions;
    • Have a flying start to a sustainable career in a competitive sector;
    • Receive an advanced master's degree.

    Become a trainee?

    Are you:

    • An ambitious starter with a master's degree?
    • Committed to tackling urgent and complex global challenges?
    • Someone who wants to be part of an international group of trainees from diverse backgrounds?
    • Someone eager to invest in acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to contribute to a fair and sustainable world?

    Then AMID Young Professional is really for you.

    AMID also offers a course for (senior) managers and masterclasses.

    This training within your organization?

    We also offer our training and courses on international development and the Sustainable Development Goals in-company. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities.Learn more about incompany

    (024) 361 61 63

    Starting date

    03 February 2025, 9:30 am
    Hybrid (online and live on location n.t.b. in the Netherlands)
    Start in februari 2025
    Educational method
    Combination of on-site and online
    Main Language
    Deadline registration
    15 October 2024, 9 am


    Type of education
    Study load (ECTS)

    Contact information

    Do you have a question about this advanced master? Or do you doubt that this training suits you? Please contact the programme coordinator: radboudcsw [at] ru.nl (radboudcsw[at]ru[dot]nl) of tel. (024) 361 61 63. 

    Structure of the advanced master

    The AMID Young Professional training programme has a duration of one year, from February to February. The programme is a mix between academia and practice: Trainees work four days a week at an organisations in the field of sustainable development and international cooperation, in addition to receiving an average of one day a week of training in an international setting.

    The academic part of the programme consists of four modules, each of which concludes with an assignment. During the modules, trainees follow online lectures by experts on Fridays, together with trainees from the Netherlands and Kenya, among others. Once per module, trainees come together for a two-day on-site training (in the Netherlands/Kenya, depending on where they live). Besides knowledge about the field, during the program we also pay attention to personal development through coaching.

    More information?

    In the brochure you will find extensive information about the content and programme of this traineeship. We will refer you to an external website. 

    Request brochure

    Brochurecover AMID Young Professional

    Sara Kinsbergen

    Prof. Sara Kinsbergen is programme director of AMID Young Professional. She is also a professor on the role of citizens in sustainable development at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Radboud University. This special teaching position is a collaboration between the Radboud Center for Social Sciences, the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies (CAOS) and the Wild Geese Foundation. As a researcher, she is fascinated by small-scale voluntary development organisations initiated by people in the global north, known as Private Development Initiatives (PDIs). Since 2008, she has been studying, among other things, the identity, partnerships, development interventions and coming-of-age of these organizations in different European countries and in the countries where they operate in the global south. For her research, she collaborates with various civil society organisations in the Netherlands and in countries in the Global South. Sara is a member of the Development Cooperation Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs.

    Portret Sara Kinsbergen

    By participating in AMID Young Professional, organisations gain access to a pool of highly talented, young graduates with the ambition to learn to contribute to the realization of the SDGs. I believe in the power of an international learning environment, where trainees from different backgrounds, working in a wide variety of organisations and positions, learn and work together.


    Dr. Zunera Rana and Dr. Herbert Nyukuri Wamalwa are lecturers at AMID Young Professional and responsible for planning and quality control of the programme's content.

    Dr. Zunera Rana has worked as a consultant for several development organisations in Pakistan, including USAID, WWF-Pakistan and the World Bank's Poverty Reduction Fund. She studied Economics and Finance in Germany and in 2021 she defended her dissertation on aid fungibility and development aid effectiveness. Since 2014, she has been working as a research and teaching assistant at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany, where she focuses on the topics of international development, macroeconomics and econometrics.

    Dr. Herbert Nyukuri Wamalwa is a researcher at the Institute for Development Studies at University of Nairobi. His main research interest is how companies in developing countries build their expertise in their quest for innovation and success. He has participated in several research projects at IDS. Currently, he is part of two projects. The first examines how social entrepreneurs learn to build their capabilities in East Africa, funded by IKEA, while the second looks at the governance of solar-powered electronic waste in Kenya, funded by DANIDA.

    Also involved as lecturers are Prof. Paul Kamau, Prof. Dirk-Jan Koch, Herman Brouwer, Dr. Hayley Swedlund and Dr. Oscar Meywa Otele, among others.

    Cost and salary

    The tuition fee for the AMID Young Professional traineeship is paid 90% by your employer. You also pay part of the tuition fee yourself. The fee in 2024 for trainees participating in the Netherlands is € 1050 (subject to change, price date June 2023). 


    Currently, registration for selection for the traineeship is closed. Would you like to be notified when it is possible to apply again? Send an e-mail to: radboudcsw [at] ru.nl (radboudcsw[at]ru[dot]nl)

    Entry fee

    You pay a €75 registration fee. Registration is valid for two selection attempts. 

    Please note that if you are placed with one of our partner organisations in the programme, your registration fee will be waived from your tuition fee.

    Selection process

    Selection is conducted by the talent managers of the AMID team. The selection committee strives to select a diverse group of motivated and qualified candidates, and does so by comparing all applications against each other using selection criteria related to interests, knowledge, skills and experience.

    Selection criteria trainees

    • Minimum of a master's degree. Master's degree has a link to sustainable development or international cooperation;
    • The master's thesis has been completed with at least an 8. Foreign candidates should consult the Nuffic website for degree recognition;
    • Have knowledge of and a demonstrable affinity for international cooperation and global development;
    • Work experience (e.g., internship, graduate research) in an international and/or culturally diverse setting (think developing countries, countries in transition, international organisations). The minimum requirement is three months of experience, but preferably six months or more.
    • Excellent working knowledge of English. Working knowledge of other languages (e.g., French, Spanish, Arabic) are a distinct advantage. For some organisations, active knowledge of the Dutch language in word and writing is required;
    • An open and flexible attitude, willingness to learn and the ability for critical self-reflection are pluses that are highly valued in the selection process;
    • Foreign students wishing to participate in the Netherlands must hold a work permit and visa at the beginning of the AMID year in order to work and live in the Netherlands for the entire year 2024 and the first month of 2025. AMID does not mediate in applying for the work permit and visa. Check the IND website for more information, including to see if you qualify for an "orientation year".

    If you do not (fully) meet these criteria, but are convinced that you stand out as a candidate because of other skills, experiences, background or your ability to learn quickly, please substantiate this in your application.

    If you have any doubts whether AMID Young Professional suits you, please contact the training coordinator: radboudcsw [at] ru.nl (radboudcsw[at]ru[dot]nl) or tel. (024) 361 61 63. Then we can discuss together whether this programme suits you.