Testimonies on training and courses on sustainability

Participants, alumni, organisations and teachers form the international heart of our sustainability programmes and courses. Together, they are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. Read how they try to achieve these goals through education.

My eye-openers were the challenges, innovative approaches and best practices that will inform our organization’s strategies and contribute to effective international development efforts.
Martha Mwangi
Martha Mwangi Programme manager at iMPACT direct foundation Read Martha's story
The AMID masterclass creates critical thinkers in the field of international development and simultaneously provides a platform to build a network within the sector
Irene Kraanen
Irene Kraanen Advisor to the Director-General for International Cooperation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Read Irene's story

Macheo organisation on AMID programmes

It's broadening their thinking, way of working and performance. We've seen remarkable change within them.
Seth Mwangi
Marnix Huis in 't Veld & Seth Mwangi Marnix Huis in 't Veld is Managing Director at Macheo. Seth Mwangi is Service Delivery Manager at Macheo. Read Marnix's story

Laila Bouallouch (Dutch embassy in South Sudan)

AMID Young Professional has given me the opportunity to get a foot in the field of development cooperation.

Read Laila's story

Prof. dr. Dirk-Jan Koch (Radboud University)

In the AMID Leadership Programme, we work in a small group to strengthen executives' knowledge, skills and personal development to increase their organisation's impact.

Read Dirk-Jan's story
Involving several AMID trainees in the partnerships and work setting of Kerk in Actie definitely brought new insights, energy and inspiration.
Daan Verbaan
Daan Verbaan Coordinator disaster management & humanitarian aid at Kerk in Actie Read Daan's story
A career in development cooperation isn’t the only way a person can have real impact.
Mayanka Vij
Mayanka Vij Policy officer at Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Read Mayanka's story


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The AMID community aims to create impact on the Sustainable Development Goals through education. By bridging the gap between academia, policy and practice, we create a solid understanding of sustainable development issues from different and interdisciplinary perspectives. We aim to reflect this diversity of actors working to create meaningful impact. Will you join us?