Twee meisjes in hetzelfde gele jurkje
Twee meisjes in hetzelfde gele jurkje

Sustainability courses

RadboudCSW helps organizations and professionals at all stages of their careers play their part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by collaborating internationally and bridging the gap between science and practice.

Our vision of sustainable development

We believe that connecting science and practice is the key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our teaching is based on the idea that sustainable development requires collective action within an international and broad range of sectors and actors. Thus, we aim to enable ambitious professionals, together with organizations including NGOs, governments, companies, consultancies, knowledge institutes and private and corporate foundations around the world, to formulate innovative responses and breakthrough solutions. In response to the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

"Without pracademics we won’t be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals!”

"Without pracademics we won’t be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals!”

Willem Elbers, deputy programme director at AMID, doesn’t beat around the bush: “I really want to make the world a better place. I developed that drive at a young age. Because it’s absolutely essential. And because it gives my life meaning. So it’s...

Portret Sara Kinsbergen

“We have to talk about how we are doing science in 2024”

Sara Kinsbergen has been appointed Endowed Professor in the field of “The role of citizens in sustainable development”. And she is very much looking forward to it. During her inaugural lecture, Sara spoke passionately about her research.

Our educational programs

We offer programs for starting professionals, (senior) executives and master classes in international development. Organizations as practitioners for young talent can tap into the latest knowledge and learn new ways to improve their existing practices.

AMID Young Professional

Facts & Figures

  • Language: English
  • Starting month: February
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Type of program: traineeship with master's degree
  • Partners: (inter)national (non-profit) organizations & University of Nairobi, Kenya
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Tracer Study 1998-2020

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AMID tracer study

Lifelong learning

AMID Masterclasses

Do you aspire to a career in international development? Or are you already working within this field? This series offers you the essential knowledge to improve the daily practice of international cooperation within your organization, agency or foundation. 

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AMID Leadership Program

Are you a senior professional or policy maker working in international (development) cooperation and do you want your organization to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? This program gives you the right tools. 

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Je bent nodig

You have a part to play.

Radboud University's views on sustainability

Radboud University's views on sustainability
In Afrika gaat het niet zo slecht als je denkt

University of Nairobi, Kenya

Meet the academic partner of AMID Young Professional

Meet our partner of the AMID Young Professional program


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