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Curious about what is going on in language and innovation at In’to and in academia? You can find our articles on language and communication here, ranging from useful language tips to fascinating discoveries.

  • Handen schudden aan de vergadertafel

    Working together in a culturally diverse team: do you know the unwritten rules?

    Working together in a culturally diverse team can bring challenges. If you want to avoid misunderstandings, irritation, uncertainty, or even conflict, you need to become aware of unwritten rules and the importance of intercultural communication.

  • Eline Huls voor haar boekenkast

    Why participants are so enthusiastic about our language courses

    Riccardo and Eline explain why they enrolled in an In'to Languages course, and why they were so enthusiastic to keep learning.

  • Portret Constant Swinkels in de natuur

    Why every academic should do media training

    Scholars are mainly trained to do research even though their job involves much more than that. And that while skilful communication is more important than ever, says Constant Swinkels. That is why he decided to take a media training course at In'to.

  • Portret Spaans docent Sonia Somovilla Carrasco

    The added value of learning Spanish with a teacher

    As a Spanish teacher at In’to Languages, Sonia has seen many course participants achieve their goals. We asked her what makes Spanish such a useful and fun language to learn.

  • Man aan het schrijven op typmachine

    5 misconceptions about understandable writing

    There are quite a few misconceptions about understandable writing. Writing trainer Marjet Tamse, who provides training in understandable writing at In’to, discusses five of these misconceptions and explains the reality of the situation.

  • Meerkeuzetoets maken

    5 secrets to pass every multiple-choice test!

    Hannah got an 8 in the multiple-choice part of her last exam week. ‘Hoorah!’ she thinks. ‘All that without any studying!’ Hannah is not some super-intelligent student with a photographic memory. So how did she end up with such a good grade?

  • Vrouw aan het werk op laptop

    Pitfalls in academic writing

    Many articles submitted to academic journals are initially returned or even rejected because of their language. In this article, you can read more about pitfalls in academic writing and can find tips to improve your writing style.

  • Groep diverse mensen aan vergadertafel

    Do you work in an international team? Be aware of ‘Dutch identity’

    What things are typical of Dutch work culture and how Dutch people communicate? It can be useful to understand cultural differences if you want to work as well as possible with people of different nationalities.

  • Man and woman balancing on a triangle

    Teilnehmer*innen, TeilnehmerInnen or Teilnehmer(innen)?

    What do you think of when you hear the term ‘gender debate’? Chances are slim that you’re thinking of punctuation marks like asterisks, slashes and underscores. But a gender debate has been raging for several years amongst our eastern neighbours.

  • Vrouw achter laptop die lachend de camera inkijkt

    Writing understandably: looking for the right mix

    If you know lots about the topic of your story, it can be difficult to make choices and use an appropriate style. Marjet Tamse, senior trainer at In’to, knows just how difficult it can be to switch to a way of writing that is clear to everyone.

  • Afbeelding van de Tandem-app interface

    Tips and tools for keeping your language skills up to date

    How do you maintain your language skills once the course is over? Only then does the real challenge begin: keeping your language skills up to date and making sure you do not lose what you have learned, but rather continue to make it your own.

  • Man voor Nederlands straatbeeld

    In’to developed a C1+ level Dutch course

    In'to developed the unique new course Dutch for advanced plus (C1+), including the teaching materials. Marieke Elderman collaborated on this and explains why it is so important and valuable that this course at C1+ level now exists.