Radboud In'to Languages cursussen
Radboud In'to Languages cursussen

Inclusive communication skills

In'to advises, coaches and trains individuals and teams on the skills necessary to achieve an inclusive organisation.

People thrive when they are allowed to be themselves in all their diversity. This is possible in an organisation where everyone feels seen, heard and valued. Inclusive communication is about differences as well as similarities: about the skills needed to work together safely and pleasantly.

Do you think it is important that everyone in your team or organisation can feel included and participate? Do you want to make sure you don't exclude anyone with your communication? Our group and tailor-made training courses give you the knowledge and tools you need for this.

Group training with open registration (in Dutch only)

  • Inclusive communication - group course

    The Inclusive Communication training course will increase your awareness of inclusiveness and will provide you with the insights and tools that will help you to communicate more inclusively.

Tailor-made courses and workshops


  • Introduction to inclusion; focus on diversity - tailor-made course

    What is inclusion and what are its key aspects? This session will introduce you to the diversity cycle and various aspects of diversity. We will reflect on cultural awareness and the six skills required for inclusive communication.

  • Intercultural awareness - tailor-made course

    During this tailor-made training you will learn to better understand intercultural interactions, why collaboration in an international setting often works well, but can also lead to misunderstandings, irritation, uncertainty and even conflicts.

  • Unconscious biases - tailor-made course

    With this training you become aware of (your) unconscious biases. How do they influence your view of others and what does this mean for mutual interaction?

Working well together

  • Collaboration in diverse teams - tailor-made course

    What is the secret to successful teams, and how does it work in a diverse and international setting? How do you work optimally together when working remotely, in different time zones, or across physical and cultural borders?

Inclusive communication

  • Inclusive language - tailor-made workshop

    This workshop will teach you about the pitfalls and what you need to take into account to make sure that your text does not exclude people.

  • Giving inclusive feedback - tailor-made course

    Many people find giving and receiving feedback difficult. How will the other person react? Why is my colleague saying this? This course gives you tips and tools to give and receive feedback.

Lecturing in the international classroom

Model for developing competencies for inclusive communciation

We work from our Model for developing inclusive competencies based on Darla Deardorrf's research.

Model for developing competencies for inclusive communciation

Why should you invest in inclusiveness?

  • Greater mutual understanding and connection.
  • A safe working environment where everyone can flourish.
  • More effective mutual communication.
  • More effective collaboration.
  • Sense of success and work/study happiness.
  • Less dropout and turnover.

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