Man en vrouw in gesprek op kantoor
Man en vrouw in gesprek op kantoor

Oral communication courses

A conversation in which you motivate someone, an inspiring speech, a persuasive recommendation... Whatever the situation, your message will only really come across if you can connect with your listener(s). Do you want to learn how to do that? You can find our tailor-made workshops and training courses that can help you do just that here.

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  • werken op campus

    Advisory skills - tailor-made training

    In this training programme, you will learn how to conduct an effective consultation, and how to build trust, enhance credibility, and overcome resistance.

  • Wie zei wat? Waarom we zo veel van onze gesprekken vergeten

    Conducting a good conversation - tailor-made course

    During this tailor-made training we offer you a toolbox full of skills with which you can make a difference during important conversations.

  • Collega's op kantoor aan tafel in gesprek

    Giving and receiving feedback in dialogue - workshop

    How do you give clear feedback without compromising on your relationship or working relationship? In this workshop, you will get tips and tools for giving and receiving feedback in an enjoyable, effective and inclusive way.

    Starting dates

    • 14 November 2024
    • 11 March 2025
  • Microfoon voor een menigte

    Media training - tailor-made course

    And then suddenly you are in the news. How do you handle difficult questions from a journalist? This tailor-made course prepares you as much as possible for your media appearance and pays attention to both the presentation and the content side.

  • Man geeft een presentatie

    Relaxed public speaking - workshop

    Do you ever feel worried or anxious during presentations or interviews? This workshop will help you feel at ease, connect with your audience or interlocutors, and get your message across clearly.

    Starting dates

    • 31 October 2024
    • 13 March 2025
  • Man zit in een veld op een stoel met een boek boven zijn hoofd

    Storytelling - tailor-made course

    In all kinds of communication, a story is a powerful tool to excite, inspire, and connect people. You will not forget a well-told story. But how do you achieve this?

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