Man en vrouw in gesprek op kantoor
Man en vrouw in gesprek op kantoor

Professional communication skills

A conversation in which you motivate another person, a speech that inspires, a recommendation that is persuasive... When you can draw on a rich communicative register, you will always find a connection and be able to communicate effectively and work together successfully.

At In’to, you will develop exactly those communicative skills that are valuable to you as a professional. In all our courses, we combine scientific knowledge with insight and skills; you will learn what works better and discover why.

What sort of course are you looking for?

Group trainings with open registration (in Dutch only)

Vrouw aan een bureau met laptop

Writing understandably for a general audience (B1 level) - group course

In this course, you will learn how to adjust your writing style to make your texts easier to read. You will learn how to remain focused on the core of your message and how to translate complex issues into everyday language.

Foto van vrouw die presenteert

Presenting: the next level - group course

In two sessions you will take the next step in presenting. This makes preparing and giving a presentation not only easier, but also more fun.

Man geeft een presentatie

Relaxed public speaking - workshop

Do you ever feel worried or anxious during presentations or interviews? This workshop will help you feel at ease, connect with your audience or interlocutors, and get your message across clearly.

Foto van persoon die zichzelf filmt

Presenting your story and yourself with a video - group course

Videos can help you share your story with a general audience. They are a great asset to have, but how do you use them well?

Tailor-made course: writing

Vrouw achter laptop die lachend de camera inkijkt

Writing policy and advice texts - tailor-made course

How do you write attractive, readable policy texts that are concise and persuasive? In this tailor-made course, you will work with your own policy or advice documents in a targeted manner: from assignment to final draft.

Foto van hand en laptop

Writing with dyslexia - tailor-made course

Bringing your writing skills to the same level as your thinking level. Honing your skills to capably and freely articulate your thoughts, structure your writing clearly and get the reader on board.

Persoon typt op een laptop

Understandable writing for a general audience - tailor-made course

How do you write texts that are easy for a general audience to follow? In this tailor-made course, you will work with your own texts in a targeted way.

Four people talking during a course session

Inclusive language - tailor-made workshop

This workshop will teach you about the pitfalls and what you need to take into account to make sure that your text does not exclude people.

Foto van persoon aan bureau

Want to write flawlessly? Dutch Refresher! - tailor-made course

Do you regularly doubt the correct spellings of words, how they are used or sentence construction? This tailor-made course will refresh your knowledge of the Dutch language and you will be able to write more confidently.

Vrouw stelt vragen aan ChatGPT

Academic writing with or without AI? - tailor-made workshop

The rise of generative AI such as ChatGPT, Bard and Bing has sparked concern in academia that AI will soon take over the writing process. However, we believe that human critical thinking will always play an essential role in academic writing.

Vrouw werkend achter haar laptop

Effective and clear writing - tailor-made course

In this tailor-made course, you will learn to write in such a way that your target group understands your text and enjoys reading it.

Tailor-made course: oral communication

Foto van persoon op podium

Storytelling - tailor-made course

In all kinds of communication, a story is a powerful tool to excite, inspire, and connect people. You will not forget a well-told story. But how do you achieve this?

Wie zei wat? Waarom we zo veel van onze gesprekken vergeten

Conducting a good conversation - tailor-made course

During this tailor-made training we offer you a toolbox full of skills with which you can make a difference during important conversations.

Microfoon voor een menigte

Media training - tailor-made course

And then suddenly you are in the news. How do you handle difficult questions from a journalist? This tailor-made course prepares you as much as possible for your media appearance and pays attention to both the presentation and the content side.

Tailor-made course: presenting

Man presenteert voor een groep

Pitch like a pro - tailor-made course

In this tailor-made training you will learn how to give a short, powerful and personal pitch that will get you noticed.

Foto van meerdere personen naast een smartboard

Presenting in English - tailor-made course

This one-on-one training is for anyone who wants to be able to present in English with more confidence.

Persoon die achter laptop presenteert

Online presenting - tailor-made course

In this short course, you will learn how to convey your energy through the camera, to present in an interactive way and to keep an audience’s attention.

Foto van persoon met microfoon

Getting your stress and speaking anxiety under control - tailor-made course

Many people experience healthy tension when they have to present. However, for some people, this tension causes them to clam up and experience too much stress. With this short one-on-one training we make your stress more manageable.

Tailor-made course: reading

Person is laying on the sofa and reading a boko

Read smarter and faster - tailor-made course

Do you want to increase your reading speed and analyze complex text faster? This training gives you the tools you need.

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