Vrouw geeft een presentatie voor publiek
Vrouw geeft een presentatie voor publiek

Scientific communication skills

Radboud in’to Languages helps academics communicate successfully and with more pleasure about their research with colleagues and a wider audience.

What makes you a successful academic? In addition to doing solid, meaningful, and pioneering research, it is crucial that you communicate effectively. How do you do that? How do you make complex material accessible to the general public, write a readable thesis or article, present a keynote speech or inaugural lecture, convince a committee, and stay in control in the media?

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Twee vrouwen werken samen op een computer

Grant writing - tailor-made coaching

Grant applications: the competition is fierce, the chance of success is small and significance is high. In this tailor-made course, we work on your application in a result-driven way. The result is a scientific proposal that sells itself.

Vrouw geeft een presentatie naast een whiteboard

Pitching for a grant - tailor-made coaching

The odds of receiving good news after an interview with NWO and ERC are lower than 50%. Your presentation and answers will make a real difference in the 20 minutes in which you get to speak.

Oratie in de Aula van de Radboud Universiteit

Inaugural lecture coaching - tailor-made coaching

Your inaugural lecture is an excellent opportunity to guide the listeners through your academic field. But how do you put years of research and ambition into words in a way that will captivate colleagues, family, and friends alike for 45 minutes?

Diploma of bul

Dissertation defence coaching

Would you like to come ‘on stage’ for your defence feeling well prepared? Would you like to have someone to brainstorm with about your layman's talk? This coaching programme can give you the confidence you need to present a convincing story.

Microfoon voor een menigte

Media training - tailor-made course

And then suddenly you are in the news. How do you handle difficult questions from a journalist? This tailor-made course prepares you as much as possible for your media appearance and pays attention to both the presentation and the content side.

Pen en schrijfblok liggen klaar achter de laptop

Intensive writing week - online

In just one week, PhD candidates and postdocs will give a huge boost to their writing skills and optimise their writing process, from planning to the revision stage.

Radboud PhD candidates

PhD candidates can choose from several courses to improve their English and communication skills. We organise some of these courses independently, while others are offered in cooperation with the Human Resources Department of Radboud University.

Course offerings for Radboud PhD candidates

Radboud teachers

Lecturers at Radboud University can attend a variety of courses and workshops on English and Dutch language skills, communication skills and assessment.

View the training provisions for lecturers at Radboud University

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