Man presenteert voor een groep
Man presenteert voor een groep


“I have been looking forward to this moment for weeks, and now the moment is finally here. Tense, I start up my presentation. The audience looks at me expectantly. Clearly, they are curious about what I have to say…

Fifteen minutes later, I find myself talking with clammy hands. I click through my presentation slide by slide and read out the explanations I have prepared in the notes. But my story does not seem to land: there is hardly any response from the audience, I even see someone suppressing a yawn. How is this possible? Surely my research is interesting to this audience? And I spent so much time preparing this presentation! These thoughts distract me and I start feeling less confident when talking. Stammering and red in the faced, I conclude my presentation. An obligatory round of applause and no questions from the audience. How disappointing!”

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This is Rosa’s story. A year ago, she came to In’to Languages asking if we could help her make her presentations more engaging. When we talked with her, it turned out that the problem was definitely not with her research. Her research was interesting. But it was a matter of reaching her audience. 

Rosa decided to delve into the power of storytelling with us and discovered how stories not only convey information, but also touch people’s emotions and inspire actions. The arcs of tension she created in her story now have people listening intently. The PowerPoint presentation in the background just shows a few infographics and photos that support her story. A solid story. 

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A well-told and authentic story is a powerful tool. It can evoke emotions, create empathy, inspire, persuade and move people. 

Whether it is about sharing personal experiences or research findings, conveying a vision or convincing an audience, storytelling enables you to convey your message in a personal way.

Do you want to stand out and make an impact with a strong story? Check out our Storytelling courses below.

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    Storytelling; the power of stories - group course

    Storytelling is the art of telling stories. It's not just about sharing facts: it's about creating an emotional connection with your audience. Discover how to engage your audience by applying storytelling to your message.

    Starting dates

    • 21 November 2024
    • 11 March 2025
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    Storytelling for lecturers - tailor-made course

    This course provides lecturers with the skills to present their teaching and ideas more effectively through storytelling. It focuses on clear communication, improving engagement and inspiring students.

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    Storytelling for academics - tailor-made course

    This course provides academics with the skills to present their research and ideas more effectively through storytelling, with a focus on clear communication, engagement and inspiring audiences.

  • Man zit in een veld op een stoel met een boek boven zijn hoofd

    Storytelling - tailor-made course

    In all kinds of communication, a story is a powerful tool to excite, inspire, and connect people. You will not forget a well-told story. But how do you achieve this?