Franse taalcursus
Franse taalcursus

Language course French for intermediate students (B1)

In this semi-advanced French B1 course, you will build on what you learned in the French halfway to B1 course.


    After completing this French language course, you will be able to:

    • have simple conversations on familiar topics;
    • understand the main points of simple texts;
    • formulate personal opinions in a simple way;
    • write texts and emails on familiar topics.

    The course focuses primarily on verbal communication, as well as reading, listening and writing skills. You will also learn more about French culture. To receive a Radboud in’to Languages certificate, you need to attend 80% of the classes.

    After this course, you will have achieved language level B1. After this course, you can proceed with French halfway to B2.

    Why take a group course at In’to?

    • Small groups (max. 18 participants)
    • Lots of interaction and personal feedback
    • Fast-paced with quick results
    • Comprehensive digital learning environment
    • Our teachers are rated 8.8!

    Would you prefer individual classes, or a shorter, more intensive course? Check out our tailor-made courses.

    Starting date

    02 October 2024, 7:45 pm
    This course ends on 27 November 2024. Each session takes 1.5 hours.
    50% (RU students), 10% (RU & Radboudumc staff and alumni; WUR students and staff)
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    Contact information

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    Contact us

    024 - 361 21 59
    info [at] (info[at]into[dot]ru[dot]nl)

    This course takes place from 2 October until 27 November 2024. There is no class in the week of 21 October because of the Autumn Break.

    Class day and time: Wednesdays from 7.45 - 21.15 pm 
    Location: Online via the Virtual Classroom and always involves guidance from a teacher 
    Number of participants: min. 5 - max. 16

    Approach and content

    French is spoken as much as possible during classes, with Dutch and English as the supporting languages. This means that in most cases, you can take this course if you do not speak Dutch. Please contact our Service Centre for more information.

    You should count on about three to four hours of individual study per week.

    What do the classes cover?


    • Having simple conversations on abstract topics
    • Indirect speech in the past (il a dit qu'il était français)
    • Spelling, homonyms, colloquialisms
    • Family situation, family and children, love and friendship
    • Work, career and professional experience, talking about your skills
    • Pleasures of life, happiness, humour and laughter
    • Talking about Europe, the European Union, and expats


    • The use of adverbial pronouns (le professeur le lui a donné)
    • The past conditional (conditionnel passé): expressing regret or reproach
    • Construction with the subjunctive (subjonctif:pour que tu partes) or the infinitive (indicatif: pour partir)
    • Distinguishing between the subjunctive (subjonctif: je trouve normal qu'il soit...) and the indicative (indicatif: j'espère qu'il est...)
    • The future perfect (futur antérieur): talking about an action that ends in the future
    • Talking about cause, purpose, and opposition
    • Past temporal expressions (depuis, il y a, en, pour...)
    • Distinguishing quel/lequel
    • The simple past (passé simple): the literary past (il fit, il mangea)
    • The connectors needed to structure a story (lorsque, tandis que...)

    Course materials

    • Voyages 3, text-/workbook + online MP3s
      ISBN: 9789462930315

    The course materials can be purchased at Roelants bookstore. Course materials are not included in the course fee.

    Recommended (not mandatory):

    • Exercices Audio de Grammaire (audio grammar exercises). ISBN 9782090337280
    • Le petit Grevisse (grammar book). ISBN: 9782801100875


    • Regular fee: € 319,-
    • RU students: € 159.50 (50% discount)
    • RU and Radboudumc staff & alumni: € 287.10 (10% discount)
    • WUR staff & alumni: € 287.10 (10% discount)

    Determine your level with a free intake

    If you did not complete the previous level with us, a free telephone intake prior to registration is mandatory.

    Schedule your intake

    Do you not see any available timeslots, or is there no time that suits you? New intake times will come online from 21 August. Please indicate via the contact form what you would like an intake for, and you will be notified as soon as you can register for the new intake moments.

    If you want to get an idea of your level on your own, you can do this using our online level test.


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    This course starts every year in January/February, April/May and October. If you would like to take this course, but is it fully booked or your desired start date has not yet been listed, let us know that you would like to be kept informed, and we will let you know when you can sign up for new dates.