Docent geeft les aan kleine groep studenten
Docent geeft les aan kleine groep studenten

Lecturing in English in the International Classroom - tailor-made course

Lecturing in English in the International Classroom is a tailor-made group course for improving the language and communication skills that you need to effectively teach a class in English. 


    Under the guidance of one of our expert trainers, you will get to work with a number of colleagues on developing your English speaking skills and the academic language knowledge required to structure your classes. You will learn how to give a clear and engaging explanation and how to guide group discussions.

    The course also provides greater insight into the communicative preferences and stumbling blocks of your students, so that you can create a comfortable and productive learning environment and make sure that your lectures are understood by your target group. You will also have the opportunity to practice your skills by holding mini lectures, on which you will receive feedback from the trainer and your fellow course participants.


    A selection of the following topics will be covered, depending on the needs of your group:

    • Starting your lectures well: defining goals, managing expectations, building a rapport with your students;
    • Structuring your classes: structuring words, regulating discourse, making clear connections;
    • Clarifying definitions: defining key words, academic versus spoken register, paraphrasing;
    • Explaining visuals and using slides: highlighting important information, describing complex details, designing slides;
    • Motivating and structuring interaction: effective questioning, giving feedback, managing group discussions;
    • International classes: politeness strategies, effective use of emphasis in the sentence and clear pronunciation.


    In addition to the course sessions, you must complete self-study exercises via Brightspace. These exercises comprise language exercises, lecture analyses, readings and discussions of academic literature on English Medium Instruction (EMI) and preparing short assingments and your own mini lecture. Self-study is estimated to take around two to three hours before or after each session, depending on the individual learning needs of the participant.


    • Five classes, each lasting three hours. The dates and times on which the sessions will be held will be decided in consultation with our teachers.
    • Number of participants: the minimum number of participants is six and the maximum number of participants is 10.


    After completing all sessions and assignments, you will receive a certificate to prove that you have completed the course.

    Course material

    The course material will be provided by Radboud In’to Languages.


    The sessions may be held on campus or at your institute.

    Determine your level

    Course participants first need to take an Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT), on the basis of which we will determine participants’ levels. The level required to take the course is B2–C2 (CEFR).

    Register for the OOPT test

    What others say about this course

    Lecturing in the International Classroom was a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone who teaches international students. To learn about direct and indirect cultures was extremely helpful, especially when it comes to giving feedback. Even though I thought my English is quite good, I was able to improve my intonation to sound more confident.

     - Corinna Roth


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    Very advanced

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