Vrouw praat tegen laptop tijdens online meeting
Vrouw praat tegen laptop tijdens online meeting

Online speaking course for non-native speakers

You already have a good command of Dutch and you can manage well in most informal situations in everyday life and at work. However, in less predictable and formal situations, you find yourself struggling to have the right impact. Your vocabulary is sometimes too limited to express nuanced ideas and you often feel insecure or poorly understood.


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    What will the course bring you?

    In this course, you will improve your professional speaking skills. You will develop a better handle on difficult conversations and learn to assert yourself. In addition, you will work on specific aspects of grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

    Target group

    Non-native speakers with at least B1 language proficiency. If you do not have official documentation that proves your level, we will assess it during an intake interview. This course is intended for people who need to be able to speak Dutch effectively for their jobs, studies, and/or private projects. If you want a general level increase, a group course for advanced or very advanced students may be more suitable. The online speaking course can be followed together with the online writing course.

    Do you have a DUO loan for civic integration?

    To embark on a Dutch language course using your DUO loan, you must fulfil a number of terms and conditions. Find out precisely how this works via the link below.

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    Starting date

    23 September 2024, 7:30 pm
    This course ends on 25 November 2024. Each session takes 1 hour.
    100% (RU & Radboudumc staff), 50% (RU Students), 10% (RU staff & alumni; WUR staff and students)
    Educational method
    Main Language
    Number of sessions
    Maximum number of participants


    Type of education

    Contact information

    Do you have a question? Or would you like to discuss which course best suits your needs and starting level? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you out.

    Contact us

    024-361 21 59
    info [at] into.ru.nl (info[at]into[dot]ru[dot]nl)

    There are two options to take this course:
    - 22 April to 24 June 2024
    - 23 September to 25 November 2024

    Course day and time: Monday from 7.30 - 8.30 pm 
    Location: Online via the Virtual Classroom and always involves guidance from a teacher 
    Number of participants: min. 6 - max. 9

    If a lesson is cancelled, it will be rescheduled in the week following the last lesson. 

    Self-study is estimated to take three hours per session. 

    Course contents

    During this course you will learn to write clearly and effectively. You will also learn to make decisions under time pressure and improve your professional and/or academic image in e-mails, business letters and short reports. In doing so, you will gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Concrete feedback will help you to further improve your strengths and to minimise your weaknesses.

    Course structure

    This is an online course. Each participant formulates their own project or learning question on which they will work during the course. This could involve negotiating with customers or presenting a plan or research in a meeting.

    In the course, you will learn a great deal from each other: you will give each other feedback on speaking assignments and exchange ideas with each other in a forum. Before the meeting, you will study the theory and complete a preparatory assignment. During the meeting, we actively practice and model the task you will carry out in your professional life. In a protected environment on Brightspace, you will submit a recording of that assignment and your reflection on it. You will also receive feedback on this from the trainers.

    What skills will you master after the training programme?

    • I feel confident speaking Dutch in situations relevant to me.
    • I can adjust my language to the recipient.
    • I can conduct language activities like making requests, giving feedback, etc.
    • I can conduct ‘micro-language activities’ effectively (interrupting, making objections, etc).
    • I know the conventions of two-way conversations, such as telling bad news, giving advice, negotiations and performance interviews.
    • I can take on the roles of chair, participant, secretary in a meeting.
    • I can structure longer language activities and maintain direction and overview in conversations and consultations.
    • I can use strategies to compensate for weaker parts of my speaking skills.

    Active participation

    The only way to ensure a successful course is if the participants practice writing regularly and participate actively in the lessons. The course is based largely around the participants’ needs and requirements. The learning environment serves as a community in which non-natives can help each other improve their writing skills.

    Course material

    • Naef, R., & Te Brake, S. The right tone. Business Dutch for non-natives. Publisher Coutinho, 2019. ISBN 9789046906637

    Course material is not included in the course fee. The course material can be purchased at Roelants bookstore.

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    • Regular fee: € 648,-
    • RU students: € 324,- (50% discount)
    • RU and Radboudumc staff: free of charge (provided that they meet the necessary conditions for Language Policy Courses)
    • RU staff and alumni; WUR staff and students: € 583,20 (10% discount)

    Determine your level with a free intake

    If you have not completed a B1 Dutch course with us, then you can only register for this course after you have had an intake assessment proving that you have already attained B1 level.

    More information and plan your intake assessment


    Have you followed a Dutch course at In’to through which you attained B1 level? Or have you had your intake assessment, in which the teacher confirmed that you are at B1 level? Then you can register for the course below.

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    This course starts every year in September and February. If you would like to take this course, but is it fully booked or your desired start date has not yet been listed, let us know that you would like to be kept informed, and we will let you know when you can sign up for new dates.