Foto van persoon die zichzelf filmt
Foto van persoon die zichzelf filmt

Presenting your story and yourself with a video - group course

Videos can help you share your story with a general audience. They are a great asset to have, but how do you use them well? Many people find the idea of sharing their story on social media a bit intimidating. What if people leave critical comments or ask difficult questions?


    Please note that this course will be in Dutch.

    Approach and content

    This course will give you tools and make matters less stressful. You will learn to powerfully present yourself and your message and stay in control of your own story. You will practice, hone your skills and receive personal feedback, tips and tools. We work in small groups so there is plenty of space for exchange, practice and feedback. The course is given by a media trainer/journalist with 20 years of experience. This course will make you the star of your story!

    During the course, you will learn how to:

    • formulate your message concisely and appealingly
    • actively promote yourself and your message through your personal channels with videos and/or podcasts
    • take control of your message
    • manage how you come across in audio and on screen
    • deal with criticism

    After the first and second sessions, you will receive an assignment for next time.

    Who is this course intended for?

    For professionals in companies, education, research, healthcare and government institutions who see the added value of videos and want to promote their messages using them.


    • Regular costs: € 895,-
    • RU and Radboudumc staff, alumni and WUR staff: € 805.05 (10% discount)

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