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Storytelling - tailor-made course

In all kinds of communication, a story is a powerful tool to excite, inspire, and connect people. You will not forget a well-told story. But how do you achieve this? Find out during this training course. You will search for your story, build a solid structure, and optimise the way you tell it.


    Content and approach

    During this training, you select the story you want to tell: who you are, your vision, the strength of your organisation or the lessons you have learned. You create a storyline in steps and sharpen your performance. You will also receive many personal tips to make your story authentic, powerful, and convincing.

    Your context, goals, and wishes are central to everything we do. That is why we always start with an intake.

    What is discussed?

    • What is your goal; what is your message?
    • Know your classics
    • The art of storytelling according to the Heroes Journey
    • Looking for your story
    • Building a storyline
    • Speaking with inspiration
    • Imagining with word
    • Speaking: rhythm, timing, intonation, and body language
    • Practise, practise, practise.

    Who is this course intended for?

    For everyone who wants to communicate a message in an engaging way: supervisors, consultants, lecturers, and other professionals.

    Tailor-made courses

    You can follow this course at our location, in-company or remotely via the virtual classroom. A combination is also possible.

    Together we can determine what is desirable and feasible and we can discuss the approach and design of the course. The costs for an in-company or private training course depend on your specific wishes. You will always receive a tailor-made quote.


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