Man voor Nederlands straatbeeld
Man voor Nederlands straatbeeld

Dutch language courses

Have you just moved to the Netherlands and want to learn the language? Or can you already speak some Dutch and would you like to learn to speak more fluently or make fewer mistakes when writing? We offer different courses and training programmes suitable for every level.

Improve your speaking and writing skills

Online course: writing for non-native speakers

This course requires you to have at least B1 language proficiency.

Online course: speaking for non-native speakers

You can take this course with at least B1 language proficiency. 

Pronunciation training

This course is suitable for anyone who masters Dutch from minimum at A2 to maximum B2 level.

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What others say about our courses

I started with Dutch level A1 four years ago and, a year later, I’d completed all levels, including C1. It was an incredibly fun journey, and I learnt so much that I’ve experienced little trouble with the language so far in my HBO study programme. I also made a lot of friends and acquired a big social network that I find very useful.

- Bahaa Aldeen Dabbagh

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