Duits straatbeeld met vrouw in de voorgrond
Duits straatbeeld met vrouw in de voorgrond

German language courses

Want to be able to communicate in German (even better)? We offer a range of German courses and training programmes for different purposes and needs. Discover the advantages of speaking one of the most important languages in Europe.

How would you like to learn German?

Do you enjoy learning in a group, together with other course participants? Or would you rather work on your own learning goals in the most focused manner possible, at your own tempo? Choose the format that suits you best.

Groepscursus in een leslokaal

Group courses

On a fixed day and time.
On location, online or hybrid.

Twee personen die samen een document lezen

Tailor-made courses

Aligned to your wishes.
Various formats are possible.


Determine your level

Have you never taken an German course before or did you not take the previous level with us? If so, a free telephone intake interview is mandatory. Please note that the A2, B1 and B2 courses can only be taken after completion of the previous level.

Schedule an intake

If you want to get an idea of your level on your own, you can do this using our online level test.

What others say about our courses

Taking the courses ‘halfway to B2’ and ‘B2’ made me more confident when speaking German!

- Sanne Schoonbrood

Gebouw in Berlijn

Want a trial lesson?

Follow our free German webinar

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Do you need advice?

Do you have a question? Or would you like to discuss which course best suits your needs and starting level? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you out.

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