Marcel Bingley - Spanish Group Courses

Man poseert in de natuur
It is fun to work towards the same goal with a diverse group of people.
Marcel Bingley
Current role

Why not use your spare time as a pensioner to learn a language? Marcel (66) has always been interested in languages, and after retiring, he decided to dive deeper into Spanish. He has since taken several courses at In’to, with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

“My name is Marcel Bingley, and I recently turned 66. I took early retirement a little over a year ago. Together with my wife Ria, I often go abroad on holiday, and I always enjoy understanding something of the local language. I especially like southern European languages. This interest usually fades away when I come home, but since we visit Spain on a regular basis, I wanted to immerse myself in Spanish. This language also seemed to me to be the most practical, as it is a real world language.” 

Why In'to?

“Years ago, I took Spanish classes at another institute, but I had to stop due to circumstances. When I decided to take up Spanish again after retiring, I found it important to find a course that was classroom-based: this forces me to make progress and study. I also want a ‘methodical’ approach, so not too casual and using a method that has been shown to work in practice. This eventually led me to In'to Languages.” 

Classroom-based and methodical

“I have since completed multiple Spanish courses at In’to. I was actually planning to pause for a while after the A2 course, but a fellow participant convinced me to continue. Which already goes to show that the premises I mentioned (classroom-based and methodical) are clearly reflected in In’to’s approach.

Working in class works very well for me. It is fun to work towards the same goal with a diverse group of people. I also enjoyed how different the group dynamic was in the first and the second course. The weekly classes force me to plan my homework and stay active. I almost always manage to do it; very occasionally, I can’t free up the required time.” 


“I’m really happy with our teacher, Silvia. She has a great sense of humour, is not too corny, and knows how to shake things up when the group is a bit too passive. She encourages interaction. And she has a pleasant and clear voice, unlike some of the text excerpts we sometimes have to listen to, which I find very hard to follow, because the speakers speak too fast or fail to articulate. I’m also pleasantly surprised by the fact that she does not shy away from using ‘old-fashioned’ methods. For instance, she often makes us recite verb conjugations out loud. Because it works!”