Global Online Academic Learning Support (GOALS)

When you receive coaching or take a course on advanced academic/scientific writing with In’to Languages, your teacher may invite you to our online, interactive study materials named GOALS (Global Online Academic Learning Support). Depending on the coaching you receive or the course you take, you are invited to different modules. On this page you can read about these different modules.

Genre modules

  • The introduction
  • The methods section
  • The results section
  • The discussion
  • Reporting on previous research
  • Essays (in development)
  • Argumentative articles (in development)

In these modules, you will learn for each text or text part what information is typically part of that text, how that information is structured, and how it can be presented in the most positive light. These modules are useful for those writing in English or Dutch, as scientific texts written in the two languages follow the same conventions. 

Language and style (English or Dutch)

  • Sentences
  • Style
  • Paragraphs
  • Readability

In these modules, you will learn the finesses needed to present your research in a professional and accessible way. These modules are useful for any variety of academic text. Depending on the language in which you write, you will gain access to the English or Dutch modules.

Language development for academic writing (English)

  • Sentence essentials
  • Verbs
  • Nouns and articles
  • Advanced sentences

These materials were designed for learners who struggle with the English language while they need to write a high level and high stakes academic text in that language. The modules are geared toward speakers of non-European languages that express time, definiteness and other concepts very differently than English. This course is particularly beneficial for speakers of Asian languages like Chinese, Indonesian or Farsi. Your teacher will gauge which of these modules are relevant for you given your native language and your current language proficiency. Grammar is presented in a unique, non-Eurocentric approach. All examples are in academic style.

Module content: theory and tasks

Every module consists of readings with theory and interactive tasks from a variety of disciplines:


Short reading activities covering 'theory'. These contain explanation and examples from a wide variety of disciplines.


Learners practice and apply the theory in tasks, and they receive immediate feedback and explanations. Tasks are built around extracts from recently published articles.

Field-specific tasks

Different tasks available from:

  • a mix of different fields
  • medicine & biomed science
  • life sciences
  • psychology
  • linguistics & communication

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