Procedure intake assessment Dutch

You cannot register for a day or evening course in Dutch until you have completed an intake assessment.

The intake assessment consists of four successive steps:

1 an online intake test (5 to 10 minutes) to give us a basic indication of your language level and to make the rest of the intake assessment more effective. 

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2 a conversation during which the wishes you have for your learning are inventoried and we look at which course would best suit you.

3 an assessment of your teachability, language learning experience and your knowledge of Dutch to identify your starting level. This might require additional testing.

4 a conversation during which the assessor’s advice is explained and you receive more information about the content and method of the course.

You do part 1, the online intake test, when you schedule the intake assessment appointment for parts 2 to 4. Parts 2 to 4 of the intake assessment normally take place on the same day. The time required for the intake assessment differs from one person to the next and varies from 20 minutes (absolute beginner with no prior knowledge of Dutch) to a maximum of 2 hours (advanced student who has only completed independent study).

Determining the level you are at will take up most of the time. For the intake assessment, we recommend that you bring along your previously obtained certificates or the teaching material that you have used before so that the process of determining your level can be as efficient as possible.

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Intake assessments are carried out by via teams. You will recieve a link a few minutes before the intake. Please remember to install the teamsapp on your device prior to the appointment.  

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