RU NT2 exam

The RU NT2 exam is one of the language assessments you can take as a prospective student to demonstrate sufficient language proficiency in Dutch to start a Dutch-taught degree programme at Radboud University.

The RU NT2 exam is set at the end of the intensive NT2 summer course for German-speaking prospective students. The exam is intended only for participants of this course and is not available as a stand-alone exam.


The exam assesses whether you are proficient in Dutch at the CEFR B2 level. This is the same level as the Staatsexamen NT2, programme II: the nationally accepted language exam for university admission.


The RU NT2 exam consists of four sections: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

The Reading and Listening exams are assessed automatically. The Writing and Speaking exams are marked by trained assessors.

Results and retakes

You will receive a separate score (pass or fail) for each exam/skill that is assessed. If you pass all four components, you have passed the RU NT2 exam. If you fail one component, you can retake that part of the exam. You will always receive an official certificate. Your certificate will state your results for each skill/exam.

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