Secure machine translations

If your budget does not allow for a human translation or your translation is just for internal use, you can choose to have your text machine translated. The infographic below will help you choose the right translation service.

Infographic Machine translation

Be careful with free translation software

If a machine translation is all you need, you should always use paid translation software. If you use free translation software, you sacrifice ownership of your text to the company that owns the software (e.g. Google) and agree to sharing your text’s contents on the internet. This is usually not desirable or permitted, as it violates privacy and may allow sensitive information within the text to end up in the wrong hands.

We work with a paid version of the secure translation programme DeepL Pro. We also use our advanced translation software with carefully built translation memories and a glossary of terms, ensuring translation quality and consistency.

We offer the following services

  • Secure machine translation without post-editing
  • Secure machine translation with post-editing by a professional editor

Need advice?

Not all text types lend themselves to machine translation. Our staff will be happy to advise you whether this service is suitable for the text you want translated.

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