Regulations on 38-hour working week

Established by the Executive Board on 16 November 2004

The standard number of working hours per week for a full-time employee is 38 hours. Find out what the 38-hour Working Week Regulations may mean for you below.

In view of article 4.1 of the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) for Dutch Universities, in which the full-time working time is set at 38 hours per week as from 1 January 2004, the employer establishes the following regulations.

Article 1 Standard working time

The standard working time per week for full-time employees amounts to 38 hours. Pursuant to article 4.22, sub 1, of the CAO for Dutch Universities, an 8-hour working day applies to participants in the senior staff scheme.

Article 2 Implementation of standard working time

  1. The employee makes a written agreement with his supervisor on the distribution of his working hours over the working week. If the employee does not conclude any agreement, the working week will consist of four 8-hour working days and one 6-hour working day. It is not possible to agree on 9-hour working days, unless the employee makes a written agreement with his supervisor to that effect and the working pattern is also in the interest of the department. In principle, a working day amounts to 8 hours at the most.
  2. In principle, the working hours are consecutive, unless the interests of the department or the job content require otherwise.
  3. The length of the working day excludes statutory break times.

Article 3 Variable working time

  1. At the request of the majority of the employees of a department, unit or service, the dean of the faculty or the director of a cluster can introduce a working time registration system.
  2. The employee who makes use of the time registration system is at liberty within the framework of the 38-hour working week to determine himself the start and end times of his working hours, unless the interests of the department or the job content require otherwise. In the case of an 8-hour working day, the employee must be at the work location from 09.30 until 12.00 hours and from 14.00 until 16.30 hours.
  3. The registered working hours shall be totalised on a weekly basis. Any minus or plus hours must be compensated per period of 4 weeks.

Article 4 Part-timers

For employees who are on part-time employment contracts, the provisions in article 2 and 3 shall apply on a pro rata basis.

Article 5 Approval of supervisor

The employee and his direct supervisor shall discuss the distribution of the working hours over the working week. The distribution of working hours over the 38-hour working week requested by the employee can be refused if it conflicts with the interests of the business operations.

Article 6 Written record

The agreements made between the employee and his direct supervisor are recorded in writing on the appropriate form, a copy of which is sent to the personnel office concerned.

Article 7 Entry into force

These working time regulations shall enter into force with effect from 1 January 2005. The general regulations concerning staggered office hours shall expire as per the same date.