OO&R duurzaamheidslezing
OO&R duurzaamheidslezing

Research at OO&R

Radboud Business Law Institute focuses on four research programmes: Business and Patrimonial Law, Company Law, Financing, security and insolvency, and lastly Financial law.

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Business and Patrimonial Law

This research programme focuses on contract law and property law that is relevant to inclusive labour law, businesses, pension entitlement and private law aspects of modern technologies. The programme is essential for understanding the range of the general assets law in a commercial context and it serves as a basis for the other research programmes. By understanding this basis, it's possible to gain more insight into business-related subjects. The research programme also acts as a breeding ground for broader societal themes such as cyber security, data protection and digitalisation, which in the end can also influence other research programmes. 

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. S.E. (Steven) Bartels and p
rof. C.J.M. (Carla) Klaassen


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Company Law

This programme focuses on the way in which companies are set up, operate and collaborate. The central themes are: Management and supervision (corporate governance) and settlement of disputes (corporate litigation). This covers such subjects as the various legal forms of companies, liability and representation, aspects of the financing of corporate activities and the settlement of disputes between companies and their shareholders. This research will be carried out in the Van der Heijden Institute.

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. C.D.J. (Claartje) Bulten and prof. J.B.S. (Steven) Hijink

Van der Heijden Institute



Financing, security and insolvency

This programme focuses on two research areas that are closely linked. The first research is about a company's financing and security rights. It looks at the various ways the company finances its activities and the various forms of security that involves. The second research focuses on companies in financial difficulties and their options for restructuring or liquidation.

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. P.M. (Michael) Veder and prof. B.A. (Ben) Schuijling


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Financial law

This programme focuses on banking and securities laws and the regulation of the behaviour of financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds in the financial markets. The main subjects are the regulation and operation of capital markets, protection of investors, supervision, information symmetry, access to the markets and liability issues. Research into financial law has a very cross-border and functional nature. It combines elements of private law, Union law, criminal and administration laws. The research is carried out within the Financial Law Centre.

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. D. (Danny) Busch and prof. S.N. (Seraina) Grünewald

Financial Law Centre


Publications and Radboud Business Law Institute series of books

Radboud Business Law Institute publishes a number of series of books: Serie Onderneming en Recht, Serie Law of Business and Finance, Serie vanwege het Van der Heijden Instituut (all available from Wolters Kluwer), Oxford International and Comparative Insolvency Law Series and Oxford EU Financial Regulation Series. View all publications in the Radboud Repository.  


Since 1 January 1996, Radboud Business Law Institute has published a jurisprudence journal in cooperation with Sdu Publishers: Jurisprudentie Onderneming & Recht (JOR). 

More information about JOR

Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity is an important value of OO&R research. The research within the OO&R must meet generally accepted standard of scientific conduct as established in the Dutch code of conduct for scientific practice and the ALLEA European code of conduct for scientific integrity. The board of the OO&R has the task of safeguarding the scientific integrity of the research and takes various measures to that end.