Onderzoeker bekijkt oude teksten via microfilmlezer
Onderzoeker bekijkt oude teksten via microfilmlezer

Research Institute PTR

The Research Institute for Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies (PTR) combines three disciplines in a single Research Institute. These disciplines cover an interconnected range of fundamental questions related to convictions, beliefs and world- views past and present as well as to society, humanity, and our place in today’s world.

Cover of book muslim marriage and non-marriage. Text over an Islamic geometric pattern

Muslim marriage and non-marriage

New contributions on Muslim marriage by Joud Alkorani and Martijn de Koning.

Satellietbeelden van de Sundarbandelta

Opening Laudato Si'-Instituut voor integrale ecologie

Op vrijdag 1 december openen de Radboud Universiteit en Socires de deuren van het nieuwe Laudato Si'-Instituut.

Abstract image of a pixelised head dispersing in the wind

Sense of Self in Persons with a Dementia Syndrome

NWO SGW Open Competitie M project about the sense of self in persons with dementia.


CCEP Lecture - On the Cutting Board: The problem of grasping Hegel’s living system

Studies in Texts, Contexts, and Concepts (STCC) Seminar

Material Culture in Late Antique Egypt and Syria. Contacts, influences, and disparities

Rewriting Global Orthodoxy: Oriental Orthodox Communities in a Transnational World (Conference)


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