The Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies is constantly engaged with urgent, societal issues. Our academic staff often collaborate with organisations outside the university on topics such as healthcare, education and politics.


Through collaborations, we spread, share and enhance humanities knowledge in society. We collaborate for example through contract research, project application, (postinitial) education and lectures and talks. And, as an organisation, if you are seeking a highly motivated intern, we are certainly the address to turn to.

Below you find an overview of the four major themes in which you can collaborate with our researchers.


Person-centred care

There are many philosophical, religious and philosophical questions surrounding care. Researchers at FFTR collaborate with colleagues inside and outside Radboud University, and with various external organisations such as hospitals and healthcare institutions, patient organisations, funds, charities and professional organisations to answer these questions.

Democratic Laboratory

The Democratic Laboratory consists of a group of committed Radboud University researchers who work together to research the democratic processes. The participants conduct research within Radboud University, and are active in the social debate regarding democracy and democratic developments in Dutch society.

Middelbare scholieren in een klaslokaal. Eén scholier wijst enthousiast naar iets in de verte.

Good education

Within education, there is a lot of focus on broadening the concept of quality. This leads to questions around meaning, philosophical development, leadership and narrative decision-making within education. The Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies can help with this.


Religious culture

In a secular society such as the Netherlands, the role of the Christian religion has changed profoundly. This raises all kinds of questions, such as what significance the Christian religion has for social issues in modern society. Or how churches of Dutch people with different cultural backgrounds are developing.

Other question or subject?

In addition to the subjects mentioned above, our researchers investigate a wide range of other topics, including protest culture and politics, self-awareness, inclusivity, radicalisation and many others.


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If you wish to work with us or would like to benefit from the knowledge and expertise within the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, please feel free to contact us!

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