Academia Europaea

The Academia Europaea is an European, non-governmental association acting as an Academy. Founded in 1988, with over 2,000 members, which include leading experts from the physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, the letters and humanities, social and cognitive sciences, economics and the law.

The following Radboud professors are member of the Academia Europaea:


  • Prof. Christoph Lüthy, professor of the History of Philosophy and Science


  • Prof Jan Buitelaar, professor of psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Prof. Dr Saskia Middeldorp, professor of internal medicine


  • Prof. Dr Mirjam Ernestus, professor of Psycholinguistics
  • Prof F.P.J.T. (Floris) Rutjes, professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Prof. Indira Tendolkar, professor of Psychiatry


  • Prof Dr T. (Teun) Bousema, professor of Epidemiology of Tropical Infectious Diseases
  • Prof Dr H.H.J. (Enny) Das, professor of communication and influence
  • Prof. Dr Jolanda de Vries
  • Prof. Dr J.B. Prins (Judith), professor of Medical Psychology
  • Prof. R.P. van Rij (Ronald), professor Experimental Virology


  • Prof F. P. (Francesco) Battaglia, professor of Neuronal Networks of Memory
  • Prof. Dr I. D. (Iris) Nagtegaal, professor of Gastrointestinal Pathology
  • Prof. Dr A. P. A. (Ardi) Roelofs, professor of Language and Attention
  • Prof. Dr A. (Annette) Schenck, professor of Translational Genomics of Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Prof. Nico Sommerdijk
  • Prof. Dr. Baziel van Engelen


  • Prof. Dr. J.C.J.M. (Hans) de Kroon, professor of Experimental Plant Ecology
  • Prof O.J. (Olivier Hekster), professor of ancient history
  • Prof N (Nicoline) Hoogerbrugge, professor of hereditary cancer
  • Prof H.A. (Asli) Ozyurek, professor of Gesture Language and Cognition
  • Professor C.H.(Carla) Sieburgh, extraordinary professor of civil law, in particular the European law aspects thereof
  • Prof. J.H.L.M. (Hans) van Bokhoven, professor of Molecular Neurogenetics
  • Prof. Dr B.I.J.M. (Beatrice) van der Heijden, professor of Business Administration
  • Prof. Dr. M. (Michiel) Vermeulen, professor of Proteomics and Chromatin Biology


  • Prof B. R. (Bas) Bloem, professor of Neurological Movement Disorders
  • Prof J.G.J. (Joost) Hoenderop, professor of Renal Physiology
  • Prof A.M.C (Ans) van Kemenade, professor of English linguistics
  • Prof. Dr B.J. (Bart Jan) Kullberg, professor of Infectious Diseases
  • Prof J.M. (James) McQueen, professor of Speech and Learning
  • Prof. Dr Jana Roithová, professor of Spectroscopy and Catalysis


  • Prof C.F. (Christian) Beckmann, professor of Statistical Imaging Neurosciences
  • Prof. Dr H. (Harold) Bekkering, professor of Cognitive Psychology
  • Prof Dr J.P.H. (Joost) Drenth,Professor of Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Prof W.T.S. (Wilhelm) Huck, professor of physical-organic chemistry
  • Prof. C.J.H. (Corjo) Jansen, Professor of Legal History and Civil Law
  • Prof. K. (Karin) Roelofs, professor of Experimental Psychopathology
  • Prof. M.M. (Maroeska) Rovers, professor of Evidence-based Surgery
  • Prof. A.J. (John) van Opstal, professor of Biophysics
  • Prof N.J.J. (Nico) Verdonschot, professor of Biomechanical diagnostics and evaluation methods in Orthopaedics
  • Prof. Dr A.I. (Anneke) den Hollander, professor of Molecular Ophthalmology


  • Prof L.M.C. (Lutgarde) Buydens, professor of Analytical Chemistry
  • Prof R. (Roshan) Cools, professor of Cognitive neuropsychiatry
  • Prof. S.J. (Sijbrand) de Jong, professor of Experimental Physics
  • Prof. Dr L.A.L.M. (Bart) Kiemeney, professor of Cancer Epidemiology


  • Prof. Dr B. (Barbara) Franke, professor of Molecular psychiatry
  • Prof Dr M.G (Mihai) Netea, professor of Experimental Medicine
  • Prof P.L.H. (Peer) Scheepers, professor Methods and techniques of social science research


  • Prof G. (Guillén) Fernandez, professor of Cognitive neuroscience
  • Prof. J.H.J.M. (Han) van Krieken, professor of Pathology
  • Prof. A. S. (Antje) Meyer, professor of Psycholinguistics


  • Prof. H.D.E. (Heino) Falcke, professor of astroparticle physics and radio astronomy
  • Prof. A.S. ( Arthur) Hartkamp, professor of European private law
  • Prof. M.S.M. (Mike) Jetten, professor of Ecological Microbiology
  • Prof. M.i. (Mikhail) Katsnelson, professor of Theoretical Physics
  • Prof. R. (Renate) Loll, professor of Theory of fundamental Interactions beyond the standard Model
  • Prof. G.J.M. (Gerard) Meijer, professor Experimental molecular physics
  • Prof. R.J.M. (Roeland) Nolte, professor of organic chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. T.H.M. (Theo) Rasing, professor of Spectroscopy of solids and interfaces
  • Prof J.A.M. (Jan) Smeitink, professor of mitochondrial medicine
  • Prof E.J. (Ellen) van Wolde, professor of Source texts of Judaism and Christianity, professor of Old Testament Exegesis


  • Prof. Dr H.G. (Han) Brunner, professor of Anthropogenetics
  • Prof C.G. (Carl) Figdor, professor of tumour immunology
  • Prof P. (Peter) Hagoort, Cognitive neuroscience, in particular related to neuroimaging
  • Prof. Dr B.P.F. (Bart) Jacobs, Professor of Software Security and Correctness
  • Prof. Dr E.W. Meijer, professor of organic chemistry


  • Prof C.H.M. (Carlos) Gussenhoven, professor of Linguistics


  • Prof. J.W.M. (Jos) van der Meer, professor emeritus of internal medicine


  • Prof. R.J.M. (René) Bindels, professor of physiology


  • Prof. Dr S. (Stephen) Levinson, associate professor of Comparative Linguistics due to the Max Planck Institute


  • Prof. Dr. H.P. (Henk) Barendregt, emeritus professor of Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science


  • Prof. W.J.M. (Pim) Levelt, emeritus professor of Psycholinguistics