ERC Starting Grants

ERC Starting Grants are awarded to talented young scientists, with minimal two and up to seven years of experience since completion of PhD. The 1.5 milion euro grants give them the opportunity to form their own research group.


  • Carl Davies - HandShake 
  • Andreas Lammer - Avicenna Live: The Immediate Context of Avicenna’s Intellectual Formation (ALIVE)


  • Dmytro Afanasiev -  Antiferromagnetic Spin Transport with Relativistic Waves
  • Graziana Ciola - The impossible and the imaginable: late-medieval semantics of impossibilities and the roots of complex mathematics
  • Anne-Sophie Hafner - Cracking the synaptic memory code
  • Nils Jansen - Data-Driven Verification and Learning Under Uncertainty
  • Tessa Lansu - Motivations at the Automatic and Deliberate level to bully
  • Luke Miller - The Body Positioning System: A GPS for somatosensory space


  • Jeroen de Baaij - Functional measurements in the kidney to diagnose, understand and treat renal tubulopathies
  • Hans Rutger Bosker - Human speech production and perception, specifically audiovisual communication
  • Maike Hansen - Noise in decisionmaking of cells
  • Tim Kietzmann - How does visual semantic understanding emerge in the brain?
  • Rogier Kievit - The cognitive dynamic with children
  • Geert Litjens - How improved AI can help cancer research
  • Willem Velema - The function of RNA in cells


  • Nadine Hauptmann - Quantifying electron-electron forces at the atomic scale
  • Inge Molenaar - AI to teach students self-regulated learning


  • Esther Aarts - The downward obesity spiral
  • Niels Niessen - Are digital platforms changing our vision of humanity?
  • Evan Spruijt - The origin of cells
  • Connie de Vos - The birth of a sign language on Bali


  • Kim Bonger - 'Seeing Citruline: a Molecular Toolbox for Peptidyl Arginine Deiminases
  • Shari Boodts - Patristic sermons in the Middle Ages. The dissemination, manipulation and interpretation of late-antique sermons in the medieval Latin West’
  • Peter Schwabe - 'Engineering post-quantum cryptography
  • Tamar Sharon - Googlization of health