Hermesdorf Prize

Each year, the Hermesdorf Prizes go to a junior and a senior researcher from Radboud University and/or Radboudumc who have made a significant social impact with their research. In the tradition of the namesake, it's awarded to researchers who have shown some form of courage, stuck their necks out or not shied away from resistance.

The Hermesdorf Prizes are named after professor B.H.D. Hermesdorf, rector magnificus of Radboud University from late 1942 to September 1945. For reasons of principle, he refused - as the only Dutch rector magnificus - to present students with a declaration of loyalty to the German occupier, which inevitably led to the university's closure in April 1943. This is how he kept his back straight in difficult times.

Since 2018, two prizes have been awarded annually: one for a senior and one for a junior researcher or team of researchers from Radboud University and/or Radboudumc. The prize consists of a certificate and a plaque with the image of professor Hermesdorf.

Plaquette Hermesdorfprijs, met beeltenis van prof. mr. B.H.D. Hermesdorf


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Platform Diversity in Sex and Gender
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Paul Reef


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Alma Tostmann and Chantal Rovers
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Kiane de Kleijne


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Centrum voor Migratierecht
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Marlies van Eck


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Frank van de Veerdonk, Mihai Netea, Roger Brüggemann, Leo Joosten, Alexander Hoischen and the COVID research team of the Radboudumc
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Charlotte Bekker


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Heleen de Coninck
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Bas Stunnenberg


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Johan Oosterman
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Marijke Naezer


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Hans de Kroon and Caspar Hallmann
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Brenda Mathijssen
  • Hermesdorf Prize International: Martin Dresler


  • Hermesdorf Prize: Henk van Houtum
  • Hermesdorf Talent Prize: Coen van Galen
  • Hermesdorf Prize Internationaal: Guillén Fernandez