Promotie Niek Kok
Promotie Niek Kok

Alumnus Niek Kok defended his PhD thesis on learning from moral case deliberation in the ICU

On 6 March, our alumnus Niek Kok successfully defended his PhD thesis Learning from moral case deliberation in the ICU: effects on moral distress, burnout, and organisational culture.

Niek graduated cum laude as a political scientist in 2017, then worked in The Hague for the Prof. Mr. B.M. TeldersStichting and started in 2019 as a PhD researcher at the Ethics of Healthcare section of the IQ healthcare and intensive care department at Radboudumc. Readers will recognise the thesis’ roots in political science: it contains bits of conflict study, political theory, power analysis and, of course, quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Niek, now Dr Kok, continues his academic career as a postdoctoral researcher in the Health Care Ethics Section at Radboudumc.

Download his PhD thesis here

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