ARPH dissertation award for Inge Stortenbeker

Inge Stortenbeker, a researcher at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS), recently received the 2022 Dissertation Award from the Association for Researchers in Psychology and Health (ARPH). Her dissertation, entitled Language use in clinical interactions about medically unexplained symptoms, examined communication between doctors and patients about unexplained complaints/symptoms.

Stortenbeker used both qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate how language use in these consultations differs from language use in consultations about medically explained complaints/symptoms. Her research showed that there are clear differences in language use and interactions between doctors and patients in these consultations, which can lead to different patient outcomes.

The ARPH praised Stortenbeker for her clear and accessible writing style and her ability to integrate different research methods. They also praised the relevance and timeliness of her research, as well as its clinical relevance and adherence to good scientific practice. Her research is expected to contribute to a better understanding of communication between doctors and patients about unexplained complaints/symptoms.

The ARPH is a scientific association that brings together researchers studying the interaction between psychological and physical health. The association organises conferences and workshops to allow researchers to share their findings and promote collaboration.

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