Bridge funding for the HFML-FELIX research facility

NWO has pledged €3.3 million as bridge funding to HFML-FELIX in the lead-up to a renewed cooperation agreement. This provisional funding aims to cover the costs incurred by the research facility this year for necessary maintenance and deferred replacement of equipment.

The High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML) and the Free-Electron Lasers for Infrared eXperiment (FELIX) are two internationally renowned laboratories that together form a globally unique research facility for the study of (new) materials and their properties. As such, they are a driving force for innovation. As HFML-FELIX is an important research facility for the sciences, it is essential to position its national standing in the research landscape in a sustainable way.

Structural arrangement

NWO and Radboud University have been working together in HFML-FELIX for about 20 years, always on a temporary basis. By the end of this year, NWO and Radboud University want to agree on a more structural arrangement and therefore they will work on a proposal for the future of HFML-FELIX. To achieve this, the organisations have set up a working group. The cornerstone of this collaboration is to involve several knowledge institutions, ensure that the partners will regularly evaluate the collaboration and establish consensus on a fundamental budget for the healthy future of HFML-FELIX as a leading research facility.

At HFML-FELIX this announcement was received with a lot of enthusiasm, feeling that the unflappable continuation of hard work is recognised. "We are really happy with this agreement, and we look forward to our further cooperation with NWO," said Femke Tabak, managing director of HFML-FELIX.

"We've been working together with NWO very successfully for a long time." added Britta Redlich, director of HFML-FELIX. "With the continuous support from our stakeholders, we felt that the discussions were very constructive and leading to a positive outcome. NWO made clear that they valued the unique research infrastructure in Nijmegen and the innovative research that happens here. We are delighted that this funding is intended to bridge towards a fruitful, long term co-operation and a healthy future of HFML-FELIX."