Dutch Research Council (NWO) Spinoza Prize and Stevin Prize for Klaas Landsman and Bas Bloem

This year, Radboud researchers Klaas Landsman and Bas Bloem will be awarded the Dutch Research Council (NWO) Spinoza and Stevin Prizes, respectively. As a mathematical physicist, Landsman’s work includes research into coincidence, determinism and emergence. Neurologist Bloem is an expert in the field of Parkinson’s disease.

The researchers will receive their prizes for their exceptional, innovative and inspiring work. With both prizes, the quality of the researcher is paramount; while the Spinoza Prize places an emphasis on scientific work and fundamental issues, the Stevin Prize primarily honours social impact. It is rare for two such prizes to be awarded to the same university in the same year.

The laureates will each receive a sum of 2.5 million euros. They are free to decide how they will use their prize money, as long as it is spent on something that relates to scientific research and/or activities that involve knowledge utilisation.


Klaas Landsman

Klaas Landsman

Klaas Landsman, born in 1963, is professor of Mathematical Physics at Radboud University. His work combines in a unique way research at the interface between mathematics and physics with deep insights into the foundations, history and philosophy of physics. He studies topics such as coincidence, probability, determinism and emergence, for example in quantum theory and in the theory of black holes.

“Klaas Landsman comes up with stimulating ideas that go beyond the boundaries of disciplines and inspire both his colleagues and a broader audience to think about the foundations of our existence,” according to the Spinoza Committee.

Landsman plans to use the money to examine the themes of coincidence, determinism and emergence more closely. He also aims to ensure that the study programme for first-degree mathematics teachers lays greater emphasis on philosophy and history. He also envisages a subproject, in which abstraction in mathematics and visual art can be compared historically and conceptually.

"To be able to explain mathematics well, you need to know what it is" Read more about Klaas Landsman

Bas Bloem

Bas Bloem

Bas Bloem, born in 1967, is professor of Neurological Movement Disorders at Radboud university medical center and is the world’s number one expert on Parkinson’s disease. He developed ParkinsonNet, which is the nationally and internationally renowned care model for people with this chronic disease, and he draws attention to Parkinson’s disease on a wide range of platforms. He is a creative thinker who has an impressive international network and he collaborates with technology companies to develop innovative products that improve Parkinson’s care.

The committee that awards the Stevin Prize praised Bloem as a committed professor who has made major strides in building bridges between science and the patient and their family. It is expected that the Stevin Prize will enable Bloem to make significant progress in the subsequent development of personalised, integrated medicine. Bloem also intends to dedicate the prize to new pioneering research that focuses on the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. Lastly, Bloem is committed to assisting young researchers in improving the valorisation of scientific knowledge.

Dutch Research Council (NWO) Spinoza Prize and Stevin Prize for 2022

Each year the Dutch Research Council (NWO) awards the Spinoza Prize and the Stevin Prize to researchers working in the Netherlands. A researcher must be nominated to be considered for the award. This year six scientists will receive the highest awards in Dutch academia. This year the Spinoza Prize will be awarded toThea Hilhorst, Klaas Landsman, Corné Pieterse and Ignas Snellen. The Stevin Prize will be awarded to Bas Bloem and Tanja van der Lippe.

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday 5 October 2022. During the ceremony, the laureates will provide insight into the content of their research and explain how they intend to use their prize money.


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Contact information

For Klaas Landsman, please contact team Science communication Radboud University via +31 24 361 6000 or media [at] ru.nl (media[at]ru[dot]nl).   

For Bas Bloem, please contact Science communication Radboudumc via +31 24 366 7338 or nieuws [at] radboudumc.nl (nieuws[at]radboudumc[dot]nl)


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