'Frontiers in Conflict Resolution Conversation Series' episode 3: Carolyn McKay

In a new episode of the 'Frontiers in Conflict Resolution Conversation Series' by the Institutions for Conflict Resolution research group, Assistant Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology Anna Pivaty has a conversation with Carolyn McKay. McKay is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney Law School and co-director of the Sydney Institute of Criminology. 

They talk about McKay's research into technologies in justice, and especially her highly acclaimed monograph, ‘The Pixelated Prisoner: Prison video links, court ‘appearance’ and the justice matrix’. For her research, she obtained access to prison facilities to interview prisoners who took part in their court proceedings via a videolink. McKay describes the experiences of prisoners feeling dehumanized, disempowered and disengaged when participating remotely.

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