Nederlandse politieagent in 1977
Nederlandse politieagent in 1977

Funding for research on police adaptations in response to changing expectations

NWO has selected sixteen promising researchers for funding under the PhDs in Humanities programme. One of them is Laura Brinkhorst, who will use the grant to carry out her research at the Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH) at Radboud University. Brinkhorst will focus on how the police in the Netherlands adapted to changing social and administrative expectations during the period from the 1930s to the 1980s.

The PhDs in Humanities Programme aims to encourage and support young talent in the humanities. Funding is made possible by the Programme Office Sustainable Humanities and the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities. A total of almost 3.7 million euros has been made available in this round. Each approved research project receives a 20 per cent contribution from the applicant institution.

To protect and serve

Laura Brinkhorst's research, entitled "To Protect and Serve’. Police adaptation to changing societal and governmental expectations in the Netherlands, 1930s-1980s", focuses on the response of Dutch police forces to social and political pressures. The study will focus on internal adaptation processes from a long-term perspective. Five medium-sized municipalities will be examined through three central themes: inclusion and diversity, the balance between official and personal/political beliefs of police officers, and interactions with citizens, such as ethnic profiling and the use of force.

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