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Funding for research Quatas for The Inclusion of Racialised Dutch Academics

The project ‘Quatas for The Inclusion of Racialised Dutch Academics’ led by dr. Anya Topolski receives NWO funding. The project will look at ways to combat the exclusion of racialised personal in Dutch academia.

NWO is investing 1.3 million euros in a new research programme that promotes a culture change on equity and inclusion in academia. With the research programme ‘Advancing Equity in Academia through Innovation’, NWO wants to contribute to a more inclusive culture, where everyone is valued, regardless of background.

‘With this funding, we want to challenge existing patterns, structures and processes and counteract biases. In this way, we are trying to give researchers from underrepresented groups access to the academic world. Once that has been achieved we can start making progress,’ says Margot Weijnen, responsible for the portfolio on this issue on NWO’s Executive Board.

Awarded to Anya Topolski 

The total amount of 1,3 million goes to four different projects. One of those is ‘Quatas for The Inclusion of Racialised Dutch Academics‘, led by Anya Topolski, affiliated with the Radboud Center for Philosophy and Society. Topolski leads a consortium that includes researchers from UMC Groningen, VU Amsterdam and Open Universiteit.  

About the project

Racialised academic staff are excluded in Dutch academia, especially in tenured positions. Mandatory quotas for this specific group are therefore indispensable, as has been scientifically demonstrated in other contexts. This project will provide the building blocks for the large-scale implementation of these quotas by 1) establishing a support network for racialised staff; 2) gaining an understanding of the successful implementation of quotas in other contexts and the resistance to them in Netherlands; and 3) applying these insights to the Dutch context.

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