Panaromafoto van de plenaire zaal in de Tweede Kamer
Panaromafoto van de plenaire zaal in de Tweede Kamer

Harm Kaal receives NWO Open Competition grant

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded 400.000 euros in funding to Harm Kaal, associate professor of political history. With this grant, Harm Kaal will investigate how history is (not) integrated in Dutch public policy.

The grant allows Harm Kaal to start up a new project entitled “Integrating History in Dutch Public Policy: Perceptions, Practices and Interventions”. Kaal: Policy makers value history. They do not, however, systematically apply historical insights and skills in policy practice. This project studies why this is the case. Research will be aimed at three different Dutch policy contexts: the formulation of government policy, policy in a context of crisis, and co-legislation by the House of Representatives. The project results in the development of interventions that help to structurally embed history in public policy practice.’

The NWO Social Sciences and Humanities Domain Board has awarded over 23 million euros to 60 research projects from the 2022 Open Competition SSH - M funding round. This funding without any thematic conditions gives researchers the opportunity to carry out research into the subject of their own choice.

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