Portret Sibel Eker
Portret Sibel Eker

Horizon Europe funding for climate-conscious change in food chain (CHOICE)

Sibel Eker, Assistant Professor of Methods, is involved in project CHOICE, which recently received a Horizon Europe funding. The project aims to bridge social science and marketing tools to accelerate climate action in the food, agriculture and land use sector.

The CHOICE project stands for mainstreaming mitigation pathways for climate-conscious change in the food chain. It aspires to streamline Integrated Assessment Models (so-called IAMs) by embedding them in the lifestyle choices and decision-making processes of consumers, producers and other actors in the food, agriculture and land use sector. From Radboud University, Eker focuses on modelling global behavioural changes in the food system, quantifying the feasible rate of societal change and developing improved IAM interfaces for optimizing user engagement.

The consortium is led by the Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS) in Greece and includes several partners including Radboud University, the International Institute for Applied System Analysis (Austria) and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (France).

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