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Immediate Action Heals Workplace Wounds: The Key Role of Immediate Response to Psychological Contract Breaches

In a time when the labour market is rapidly changing, recent research by Griep, Vander Elst, Kraak, and Beekman reveals the crucial importance of timing in addressing breached psychological contracts in the workplace. The psychological contract, an unspoken agreement between employee and employer regarding mutual expectations, is a cornerstone of the employment relationship. When these expectations are not met, it can lead to feelings of injustice and disappointment among employees, which can negatively affect their engagement and performance.

Through three studies, this research demonstrates that prompt communication after a contract breach is essential. Information provided on the same day can significantly reduce negative feelings. On the other hand, delayed communication does not effectively lessen these feelings. 

This research underscores the importance of immediate, open, and honest communication following an incident for today's workplaces and managers. A quick response is seen as a sign of respect and care for the employee and maintains trust and loyalty to the organization. 

This research provides practical insights for maintaining a positive organizational culture and strengthening the employee-employer relationship, even in challenging times. It highlights the need for managers to communicate proactively and attentively, showing that timely interventions can effectively resolve conflict and preserve a resilient and engaged workforce. The research by Griep et al. (2024) is not only of theoretical interest but also offers concrete tools for promoting a fair, responsive, and resilient work environment.

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