Lotte Gosens
Lotte Gosens

Lotte Gosens has won the 2022 International Research Prize

Each year the Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability (JIDD) awards two prizes for the best research papers published in a print issue of JIDD during the previous calendar year: one for International Research, the other for Australasian Research. The Editor selects papers on the basis of topicality, conceptual and methodological thoroughness, and originality.

The paper of Lotte Gosens entitled “Development of a personalised substance use disorder treatment for people with mild intellectual disabilities or borderline intellectual functioning: An intervention mapping approach" has been selected for the 2022 International Research Prize. 

Congratulations to all the co-authors.

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Empirical evidence increasingly shows that a personalised approach to mental health issues is more likely to be successful. However, how do we use such an approach for a multi-layered, challenging issue such as substance use by people with intellectual disabilities? The paper by Gosens and colleagues, using an Intervention Mapping approach provides a roadmap - from conceptual issues to grounding research in a sound theoretical framework, undertaking an intervention program, and demonstrating its efficacy through evaluation. The paper frames research objectives not as a priori hypotheses but emanating out of needs assessment undertaken within the research project. Even though country-specific issues will be different, the paper allows other researchers to follow the various steps and in the process generate ideas for adapting to their specific settings. 

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